5 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now

Streaming services are in all sorts of wars right now. The battle for domination is continuing as we speak. With the rise of Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Peacock, Netflix is not the sole ruler as it used to be. But, despite this, it still has one of the best interfaces you’ll meet in this domain. In addition, its content is still top-notch. Yes, Amazon and HBO did a lot of catching up, but if you’re looking for top content each day, Netflix is still your poison.

One of the departments where it has a lot to offer is of course the comedy one. While we’re limited today by social norms on how loud can we laugh and on which subjects comedy will never die out. We are sure of this. This is why under the comedy section on Netflix you will still find some great titles. You can also expect new ones to come our way. But, as new content loads up, we can always revisit what’s already there. As we said, Netflix is still going strong as a streaming operator and despite the negativity surrounding its future and the ads we might receive as part of our subscription it is still No1 in our books.

So if you’re a fan of stand-up comedy and stand-up comics you need to keep on reading this article. Below we are going to introduce you to the best that this streaming platform has to offer in this department. Keep reading and trust us you will not be disappointed. Instead, you’ll be laughing dead. We are only going to talk about the cream of the crop, but you’re free to go down the rabbit hole and find titles you find amusing. When you do, please let us know about them in the comment section so that we would expand our list.

Bo Burnham: Inside

Let’s talk about a unique one. Bo Burnham: Inside fits the bill. It covers all the dots. The work on this one is great. If you like stand-up comedy you’ll soon have a new favorite. It’s not long as comedy should be. The writing is almost perfect and you’ll love the enigmatic lead. But, one thing to look after is its subject. It’s about the state of mind of the protagonist but in special circumstances. We’re talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s behind us, it’s still a difficult topic. But, the performance and the music score will make for any shortcomings. While relatively new title we can already stand behind this one. The pandemic will stay behind us but the two years of hell won’t be forgotten. It’s good that we can laugh at it with this performance. The one thing that will be left is cravings for more work by this artist. We’ll hope we’ll receive it before another pandemic.

Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual

This is going to be 1 hour and 7 minutes you’ll talk about for days. The title says it all. It’s a one-of-a-kind comedy. Stand-up survives due to performances such as this one. Joel Kim Booster has made a name for himself in this domain. With a good reason. We can’t stop laughing at his takes on Fire Island and Loot. Despite being great in the titles above, we’ll remember him for a long time due to his Psychosexual. Talking about a gay, Asian man might sound offensive and stereotypical but his stance and performance make up for it, and you got none of that negative feeling associated with prejudices and stereotypes. Yes, it gets generic at times, but it still holds high recommendation by us. Trust us on this one, Joel is worth every minute of your hour. Don’t regret not seeing this one. After all, Netflix is available, and quite fairly priced, which leaves you with no excuses not to take a look at this almost-perfect stand-up comedy.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

Let’s talk about our worst – the human side. Its bets talked through a fun manner. Taylor adds some raw energy, her most human side to an already ideal mixture of laughs and cries. Cries of laughing of course. She hits the nail on for many of us. You are either living what’s she talking about, you lived it or it awaits you. It’s the worst age. 25 is when you can finally enjoy life to the fullest and take on your responsibilities as an adult. Who would have guessed that talking about being a genuine human could be so funny? Well, it can be when you have Tomlinson on the microphone. It was hard not to laugh at the way she took on all the challenges, but seriously thinking about the same still sent shivers down my spine. Once you’re done with this piece you’ll feel as if you interacted directly with the performer. That’s how brilliant Taylor Tomlinson is.

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

Meyers is a well-known comedian. Almost as if you know what to expect from him with Lobby Baby. But, you don’t even if you followed his earlier exploits on Last Week Tonight. The charm and charisma of Seth are what puts him above his regular self with this performance. We just can’t get past his political jokes. Yes, some would argue that politics should be avoided if you want to have fun and laugh but we beg to differ. Listen and watch this one in its full length and you’ll share our opinion. Despite the prejudice, you might have towards Meyers you’ll be surprised at how fresh he appears to be in this performance. New air in a room full of smokers.

Tom Segura: Completely Normal

Old but gold. The comedy standard. This performance will son be ten years old. That’s right – a decade. After this one, all you’ll want is more Tom. Luckily, Netflix got you covered in this domain. Segura has four shows, but we still want more. Binge-watch it all. Trust us, that’s how you approach Segura. The Completely Normal show will make you enjoy his warmth. The topics of sex, food, and deviancy will never exit the comedic world. Just relax, and enjoy the ride. It’s the best way to take this piece on.