Planning a Graduation Party? Read this first!

Graduation Party is like one of the most memorable parties in anyone’s life, whether you are graduating from High School or College. It is like the Rites of Passage, which is very important for each one of us, where we finally enter adulthood from childhood or we finish our education to step out in the real world.

Who doesn’t remember the dance of the juniors or the silly tricks from the batchmates? We all do, right and that’s the memory that will be sketched into us forever.

Hence, it is a very important day and the pressure is always on the organizers to do something, which will always be remembered. If you’re reading this article, you are making the best use of time, as we’ll tell you the best way in which you can be the Best Graduation Party Host.

It all comes down to the Plan

This plan is going to be the most important part of this entire exercise. Spare yourself if you start feeling the trill already! 😉

A successful party is only successful if it’s planned and executed rightly. Start off with the little things.

  • Budget: The most important part of the plan is the budget. Having the budget right is the key to pulling off the party. All things need to be considered here, from the decorations to the memorabilia, to the food and alcohol, too. According to a survey conducted in 2012, on average, $985 is spent on graduation parties. However, if you wish to make it larger-than-life, you can keep a budget between $1500 to $2000.
  • Theme: Having a theme is very important. You can choose from so many, retro night, disco, medieval, black tie, or just go casual. The theme makes a party very sassy and ofcourse adds the extra zing to the photographs.
  • Venue: The venue has to be perfect, and more importantly, available. Organizers often find themselves struggling with a great mess when the venue is not ready.
  • Arrangements: The next on the agenda will be to get the seating arrangements and other auxiliary support. You don’t want to leave everything for the day of the party. Get your stage ready for rock-and-roll! 😉
  • Informing the Neighbours: You definitely don’t want to forget this. Informing the neighbors living at the residential complex of the party destination is important. Or, it will be something like a busy airport with no runway vacant for flights to land. Keep driveways free for parking.
  • Entertainment: You need to pick an amazing playlist, to keep everyone entertained. You can also invite a DJ, to make sure everyone on the dance floor is grooving. However, if it shots up the budget, you can always turn to Post Malone, The Weeknd, Juice Wrld, and French Montana songs or other available playlists on apps like Spotify.
  • Games: A party without games can become too boring. So, make sure you have classic games to pair up with the theme, or have all-time classic alcohol games, like, beer pong, never have I ever, truth and dare, etc.
  • Food and Alcohol: This is the lifeline of the party. You can never go wrong here. While in some cases, themes may change the food paring but, on the others, you may also want stick to party pleasers, like Pizza, Party Subs, Fried Chicken, fries, burgers, and Sloppy Joes, etc. Alcohol can be majorly beer, along with some classic cocktails like Vodka Martinis, Margaritas, etc.


Now that you have done the planning to the T, it all boils down to the execution and the most important part of this is to send out the invitations at the right time. The best recommendation, in that case, will be to send out electronic invites.

You can design digital invites easily on platforms like GreetingsIsland and then circulate it over mail, WhatsApp Groups, Instagram groups, Facebook private invites. You can also send calendar invites, and other digital invites to make it smooth.


Make sure all the mementos that you want to be present at the party have reached the destination at least 2 days before the party. Arrange and label them properly, so that you don’t have to rush during the D-day. Some of my favorite graduation party mementos are Photo Albums, t-shirts, etc.

Video Conferencing

There might be some people, who might not be available for the party. You can’t forget about them. Make sure you have shared a Video Conferencing ID with them and organized the timings so that they can join too. Try Google Meet, Zoom, etc. for the same.

Special Edible Decoration Items you can keep in the Party

Throwing a Party is an art, and hence there are certain things, which can be specially crafted for the party, and it certainly looks highly premium and people will love it. Why do you like a Tesla over a Nissan? There’s something special about Tesla, right?

Similarly, these four things will definitely make the party more special:

  • Rice Krispies Graduation Cap Treat: This surely is a crowd-pleaser. It looks incredible and tastes delicious too. It’s like those Cinco de Mayo celebration hats, with a lot of dips. These Graduation Caps will surely bring a new dimension to the party and you can have one for each of the graduates, present at the party.
  • Candy Cup Hats: Thinking of an amazing ice-breaker to welcome the guests? Have you tried handing these cute Chocolate Candy Hats to the guests? It can be a sweet welcome to the guests and the crowd will love it. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate with a dash of peanut butter?
  • Celebration Cake: You can never go wrong, here! NEVER! Imagine a birthday party with a celebration pie, instead of a cake? Doesn’t works, right? So, what can be special here? You can have a cake with the picture of the entire batch on it, or you can have a collage of special moments of the batch.
  • Sparkling Sugar Cookies: These mini caps not only look wonderful but also taste delicious. It can be one more ice-breaker for the party and add the much-desired jazz in it!

Now that you are all set, it is time for you to organize to get going start with the preparation!

And, keep in mind, you can always choose to cut corners with the Venue and the expensive entertainment options. However, following these will ensure that your party is a Hit and the memories will be etched, forever!

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