How Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry’s Life

Halle Berry appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show through a live link. She told an interesting story which occurred during “Die Another Day”. According to her, her co-star Pierce Brosnan saved her life during the filming of this blockbuster.

Just to remind you, Halle Berry appeared in “Dye Another Day” where she was cast as Jinx Johnson, an agent and a love interest of James Bond back in 2002. If you have seen this movie, you know that there were several love scenes.

While they were on set, filming one of these scenes, Halle was eating a fig and she began to choke. This wasn’t a situation that should be treated lightly. Thankfully, Pierce Brosnan was there to help her, and save the day. She told the story about how it occured.

In the scene, she needed to be seductive and to eat a fig at the same time. At one moment, she began to choke. Pierce was quick and he performed a Heimlich’s grip, which is used as first aid in case someone starts choking. According to Berry, Pierce saved her life with it and ever since he is one of the most beloved persons in her life.

Just to remind you, Halle Berry talked about she had problems while she was filming this movie. The director, Lee Tamahori, wasn’t satisfied with her performing her seductiveness in the scene. Reportedly, this happened several times during the filming.

The best known this occurred in was the legendary scene where she needed to stand up from the water in a bikini. Again, Tamahori didn’t feel she is seductive enough and criticized her. Halle said that she did that scene several times and that the water was cold. Anyway, she got nervous and said that this is the best she could do and that she would need a new hip bone if they continue to record this scene over and over again.

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