Why are Fibreglass Swimming Pools Becoming so Popular?

Now that the good weather arrives, we should think about equipping our house for the arrival of summer. Thus, if we have a garden or patio, it is time to think about incorporating a swimming pool. Today there are numerous alternatives to have your own at home, beyond embarking on something more complex and larger, such as building one.

These more temporary options require much less investment than building one. We can choose between inflatable, made of wood, metal, fiberglass, etc. It is this last type that we are going to talk about in this article, where we will tell you everything you need to know if you are thinking of installing one for your home.

We will expose in this article the advantages and disadvantages associated with fiberglass pools. We will explain how these types are, that is, how they are manufactured, and also how they are installed or what must be taken into account to choose them.

For this, we have the images that the manufacturers have shared with us, as well as their advice, information and expert advice. Let’s discover everything we need to know about fiberglass pools!


When summer arrives and temperatures are high, there are few things more appealing than enjoying a good, refreshing swim. Today, as we said, that dream can come true in a relatively simple way, as we have different solutions that do not require the completion of works thanks to the variety of prefabricated ones that we can find on the market.

We have alternatives, such as fiberglass, for which we do not need a large space to install it. You have many ways to to make it, achieving ideal one at really affordable prices. Nothing will prevent you, therefore, from having a pool area to be with your family, to organize parties with friends or to enjoy relaxing moments to disconnect from day to day and escape from the heat of summer.

The price of these prefabricated will depend, fundamentally, on their size and the material with which they are manufactured; The fact that they are buried in the ground or not is also highly influential, as earthworks can be a somewhat high item within the budget.

What are fiberglass pools?

They  are a very popular type of prefabricated. These are ones with quick installation and very easy maintenance. They have multiple advantages and one of them is that they are a relatively inexpensive solution considering that it can be a long-term investment due to its durability.

They are elements that are manufactured in a single piece that is covered with fiberglass. But what is fiberglass? It is a polymer made up of groups of very thin glass filaments. This covering material is complemented in swimming pools with a polyester resin, which contributes to the thickness.

Fiberglass is a flexible, lightweight, durable and easy to maintain material. Its useful life exceeds 100 years, since the glass with which the material is made takes a long time to decompose due to its mineral nature. It is no coincidence that this material is used to reinforce plastics and that it is often used on boats, cars, bathtubs, surfboards, poles or in multiple construction materials.


They are manufactured from mold and, since they are prefabricated, they are manufactured industrially and arrive at your home ready to be installed. This has the consequence that there are fewer options when choosing the size and shape, and must stick to those that are available in the market.

Unlike the cement and vinyl ones that can be made to measure, adapting to the shape of the place where we are going to install it, fiberglass pools have a shape that cannot be altered when placing it in our garden or in the courtyard of the house.

Therefore, as suggest it is important to carefully measure the space and then to choose the most suitable model.

We recommend that you think about the design of the space in an integral way, taking into account the composition of the pool within the complex. In this way you will achieve a perfect integration of it, despite being prefabricated, achieving a balanced and harmonious space.

Multiple advantages

This condition that fiberglass pools have to be unalterable, which can be considered a disadvantage, also has associated advantages; one of the main ones is that, being manufactured in one piece, they are totally watertight pools. Thanks to this, we can install these ones without the risk of water loss due to leaks, which can bring real problems.
Other additional advantages that these types have is that they are more ecological, since they do not need the use of chemical products for their maintenance. They can even be filled with salt water, avoiding the aggressive purification treatments of conventional swimming pools.


The installation of it is quick and very simple. If we are going to place it on the surface, that is, if we do not need to do earthworks to bury it in the ground, it is possible to have it working in less than a week. The possibility of placing it on the surface, in addition to making the installation cheaper, makes it possible not to alter the gardens, preserving the “ecosystem” that has been created in it. In these cases, in addition, we can count on another of the advantages of these pools: the possibility of being moved around at any given time.

Due to their stability, as they are reinforced, these ones can be changed in position on the same terrain or can be moved to another location without losing their properties and characteristics. This can be considered even with the larger models and is especially indicated when it comes to mini fiberglass pools, much more versatile if possible.


The price of it as we say, will vary according to their characteristics and the type of installation. In addition, they can have different levels of equipment, since we can incorporate multiple accessories to personalize it and make it even more attractive and comfortable: underwater lighting bulbs, hydromassage injectors, heaters, waterfalls, stairs, etc. The average value of these pools, when it comes to a medium size and a ‘standard’ installation, will be around 6000 dollars.


This price, as we said, is an investment almost for life, since the maintenance cost of this type of pool is much lower than that of others, made of different materials. They have a very durable gel finish, giving you a smooth, non-slip surface that doesn’t need to be painted.

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