Path of Exile Immortal Syndicate Guide: Mastering the Intricacies of Betrayal

Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games’ renowned action-RPG, is a labyrinthine playground of creativity and strategy. The depth of its systems extends to its impressive league mechanics, one of the most compelling being the Immortal Syndicate from the Betrayal League.

In this guide, we will navigate the shadowy machinations of the Syndicate, illuminating strategies to manipulate its members for maximal rewards, including the much-desired PoE currency.

Understanding the Immortal Syndicate



Certainly, the Immortal Syndicate is an insidious faction that adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to Path of Exile’s already rich game world. As a key feature of the Betrayal league, it throws players into a clandestine war, where the stakes are high and the rewards are great.

This Syndicate is made up of 17 unique members, each with their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each member can be assigned to one of the four distinct divisions: Transportation, Fortification, Research, and Intervention. These divisions signify the role each member plays within the Syndicate, influencing how they interact with the player and the type of challenges they present.

Engaging with each division requires strategic thinking and offers a dynamic gameplay experience. For example, tackling Transportation missions might involve high-speed combat, whereas Fortification could require breaching well-guarded structures. Meanwhile, Research and Intervention encounters might involve intricate traps and sudden ambushes, respectively. Thus, understanding and manipulating the Syndicate’s structure becomes a rewarding puzzle that players can solve in their unique ways.

Syndicate Members and Their Rewards

The specific rewards gained from dealing with the Syndicate largely depend on the current division assignment and rank of its members. Each member of the Syndicate, when defeated in an encounter, can yield rewards that align with their specialty, which varies from specialized crafting materials, unique items, or the much sought-after PoE currency. These rewards can considerably differ based on their division; for instance, a member in the Fortification division might offer defensive-oriented items, whereas those in Research could offer items that enhance skill gems.

Consequently, smart manipulation of each member’s placement and rank within the Syndicate can lead to a wealth of rewards to bolster your strength and influence in the harsh lands of Wraeclast.

The Investigation Board


The Basics

The Investigation Board is the player’s strategic hub for handling the Syndicate. Here, one can view the organizational structure, connections, and divisional assignments of Syndicate members.

The Influence of Ranks and Connections

Ranks and connections significantly influence the rewards. Higher ranks yield better loot, while certain connections can result in unique encounters and drops.

Manipulating the Syndicate: Interrogation, Bargaining, and Execution

The Art of Interrogation

Interrogation can remove a member from the active roster temporarily, providing intelligence towards the location of the safehouse.

The Power of Bargaining

Bargaining offers a variety of outcomes, from changing divisions, dropping ranks, to even inducing betrayals.

The Strategy of Execution

Executing a member may seem harsh, but it has its benefits. Not only does it increase their rank, but it also has potential to trigger intriguing shifts in the Syndicate structure.

Mastering the Syndicate: Division-Specific Strategies



Given the nature of Transportation encounters, the focus should be on controlling the flow of combat and manipulating member positions to your advantage.


With the potential of getting overwhelmed by defenses in Fortification encounters, strategic planning and strong crowd control are paramount.


Research encounters are more controlled, allowing for carefully planned manipulations to increase potential rewards.


With their sudden appearances, Intervention encounters demand on-the-fly decision-making and tactical prowess.

Embracing the Chaos: Unique Encounters and Betrayals

The volatile dynamics of the Syndicate lead to unique encounters and betrayals, which can offer immense opportunities for loots and PoE currency. Understanding and leveraging these situations are vital to maximizing rewards.

The Grand Finale: Storming the Safehouses


After gaining enough intelligence, the player can storm a division’s safehouse. Choosing which members to assign and manipulate can influence the kinds of rewards obtained.

The Ultimate Challenge: The Mastermind

Accumulating intelligence from all four divisions ultimately leads to the Mastermind encounter. This challenging fight is the pinnacle of Betrayal, offering substantial rewards for the prepared adventurer.

Taming the Immortal Syndicate is no small feat. It requires astute strategy, a deep understanding of Syndicate dynamics, and a good grasp of PoE trading. Fortunately, the fruits of your labour can be quite rewarding, offering unique items and the all-important PoE currency.

Strategic Outlook: Essential Tips and Tricks

Be Adaptive

The Syndicate is highly dynamic, demanding a flexible approach. The outcomes of encounters and decisions can lead to numerous changes on the investigation board, which necessitate adjustments in strategy.

Understand Member Rewards

Not all Syndicate members are created equal. Familiarize yourself with the potential rewards each member can give in their respective division. Manipulate their positions to optimize your gains.

Optimize Your Safehouse Raids

Make the most out of your safehouse raids. Each safehouse leader carries all the items of the members in their division, so plan carefully who you install in leadership roles.

From Riches to Riches: The Impact of the Syndicate on PoE Trading


The unique items and PoE currency obtained from Syndicate encounters influence the Path of Exile economy. Proficient Syndicate farmers can take advantage of this, using their gains to effectively engage in PoE trading.

Final Thoughts: Conquering Betrayal and the Immortal Syndicate

The Immortal Syndicate provides a challenging and rewarding layer of strategy in Path of Exile. It offers a break from the relentless grind, engaging players in a game of manipulation and deceit. With understanding and strategy, the Syndicate can be a lucrative venture, whether for the acquisition of unique items or precious PoE currency.

In the dark corners of Wraeclast, only those well-prepared and well-versed in Syndicate intricacies can make the most out of Betrayal. The shadows are your playground, Exile. Embrace the chaos and seize the rewards that are yours for the taking.

Ready to dive into the shadows and manipulate the Immortal Syndicate to your favor? The Path of Exile awaits your strategic prowess. Suit up, gather your wits, and step forth into the darkness. The Syndicate’s secrets are waiting to be unlocked by you, the worthy Exile. Let the shadows guide your path to victory and unimaginable riches.