6 Smart Ways to Save Money on Poultry Equipment Supplies – 2024 Guide

Poultry farming is a branch that deals with the breeding of feathered animals with the aim of obtaining meat, feathers, and eggs. The importance of poultry farming within the overall livestock production is growing all over the world, especially in developing and medium-developed countries. There are numerous factors that influence the rapid development of poultry farming and the increasing presence of poultry meat products in the diet of the population. Poultry farming is a very profitable business and more and more farmers decide to take this step.

The production of poultry meat increases significantly from year to year. The largest producer is the United States of America, which produces about a quarter of the world’s production, followed by China, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. As we have already mentioned, this can be a very profitable business, but, of course, certain investments are required at the very beginning.

When we say investment, we mean the purchase of poultry, the farm where they will be housed, food, but also equipment that is necessary for a successful business. By equipment, we mean heaters, waterers, feeders, ventilation systems, and so on. The equipment is automated, with minimal use of human labor. Since all this requires a lot of money, read below how you can save on poultry equipment.

1. Create a business plan


This is the first step towards a successful business. The standard content of a business plan usually includes a summary, product/service, marketing plan, competitive strategy, market positioning, operational and financial plan, and growth and development plan.

Use what you have

If you are good with your hands, this could be an interesting project for you. Instead of buying all new things, improvise from what you already have. For example, you can use an old wire fence as a temporary solution for cages.

You can also buy used

Of course, there is always the option of buying equipment from someone who previously worked in the same field. This can be a very good way to save money and get exactly what you need.

2. Quality is important


Do you know the old saying that is commonly used in fashion: “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”. No matter how absurd it sounds, this is a guide for many who turn to business. Only by buying new and poultry equipment supplies, tested products will you be sure that you offer only the best, and believe me, that is something that customers will quickly recognize.

3. Think twice

Experienced farmers emphasize that it is preferable to start as a tenant rather than a buyer. It’s not wise to get into farming as an owner-operator until you’ve tested yourself and know if you like farming as a business if you can succeed, and if you’ve chosen the type of farming and location you want. The selected region should be known, if possible. It is also helpful to settle where your family is known.

4. Buying quality food

Again, we are talking about quality and something that is more expensive, and actually a way to save money. It is true that you will very often pay twice as much for quality poultry feed or any other product, but you will also be sure that you are placing only the best on the market. Customers will recognize the quality very quickly, which will give you room to raise the price of the product because you are still recognizable by quality.

5. Invest in education

It’s always a good idea to invest in education before starting a business. Although this seems like an additional investment, it will actually save you from mistakes and additional costs.

Poultry production plays a significant role in the nutrition of the population. Since the demand for chicken on the market tends to grow due to the favorable price of the products themselves, it can be concluded that poultry farming will become an increasingly important branch of livestock production. Conventional poultry production, as a form of industrial production, takes place in a completely closed space, where it is important to ensure enough space, a good microclimate, and modern technology.

6. Poultry health protection


Although family farms sometimes do not pay much attention to this topic, it is extremely important to protect animals from diseases, which will not impair productivity and their well-being will not be jeopardized. The key points in maintaining health and biosecurity are restricting visitors, establishing a farm entry protocol that includes a change of clothing and footwear for staff and visitors, and establishing clear and enforceable procedures for cleaning and disinfecting poultry houses. Unhygienic housing conditions are primarily the cause of diseases in free-range housing, so it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of feeders and drinking troughs daily, while the poultry house itself needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year, and excrement removed at least once a month. At the same time, attention should be paid to the appearance of liquids and, if they are noticed, means should be applied for their thorough removal.

Modern poultry production is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain high-quality products for human consumption, such as poultry meat and eggs. The rapid progress of livestock science, especially in the field of genetics, nutrition, disease control and suppression, as well as technology in general, enabled the very rapid development of this production. Based on this, the industrial method of meat and egg production developed and expanded, faster than in any other branch of animal husbandry.

Final thoughts

Starting your own business is an idea that attracts many, but few dare to bravely enter the business waters. The path from the creation of an idea to the final realization of a successful business is very long and tiring, filled with doubts, challenges, and numerous pitfalls. No one guarantees that your private business will be worth billions, but neither will it fail – what is certain is that you have to try, and your efforts will certainly not be in vain.