Pacific Islands rugby soon to be promoted by a famous movie star?

Remember when David Beckham started playing in the MLS and got an idea to create the Inter Miami franchise? It didn’t take much for the MLS to find Beckham’s advocacy very profitable for the League. What David Beckham had done for MLS, the similar could be done by Dwayne The Rock Johnson for Super Rugby, according to business consultant Simon Anderson.

Anderson, who has done the university thesis on international administration in rugby and runs a consulting business in Auckland, is a great supporter of establishing the Pacific Islands rugby franchise. He claims this franchise could be the necessary addition to the Super Rugby league and that the major action movies star of Samoan origin could be the key factor to gather public attention to this cause and help SANZAR and Super Rugby expand and be sustainable.

The famous actor known for blockbusters “Skyscraper,” “Baywatch,” “Fast and furious” was born in California but lived in New Zealand as a child. His mother’s family lives in Grey Lynn, Auckland where Johnson attended Richmond Road Primary school. Before he became an actor, he had a successful wrestling career, and prior to that, he played American football for the University of Miami. He even tried playing rugby, which he described as “one of the toughest sports ever played.” All of this makes Johnson a great choice to be a promoter of Pacific Islands rugby team.

Although he doesn’t have a commercial role in this project, Anderson has created a website “Future of Super Rugby” where he presented a video with his explanations and suggestions. He also hopes that fans and supporters of this idea will draw Dwayne in this discussion by tagging him on the social media and maybe get him and SANZAR to collaborate on establishing and promoting the Pacific Islands rugby franchise.

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