What Are Zero gravity Office Chairs?

Gravity is a force that always puts pressure on our spine whenever we are in a standing or sitting position. This can be extremely uncomfortable if you are having any kind of back pain or neck pain. We all know that working all day at our desk can be very painful for our back, that’s why zero gravity chairs exist. Although they are somewhat unknown, zero gravity chairs neutralize gravity, forcing our muscles and disks to return in their normal state relieving all the back and neck pain in the process.

Through extending your legs above your hearth and aligning them with your torso, by creating a 120-degree angle between your abdomen and things, you are neutralizing gravity itself. This forces our spine to return in a natural shape where it won’t be pressured by gravity itself. Since we have taken care of the problem, our body doesn’t have to react to the effect of gravity, meaning we won’t feel any back or neck pain ever. But in order to fully eliminate the question of gravity, we need to be in space. We can’t live in space, and we can’t work in space. So to replicate the effects of zero gravity in space, we have zero gravity chairs.


So How Do Zero Gravity Office Chairs Work?

As we said, most of our neck and back problems come from our constant sitting position while working. Well, a zero gravity office chair solves that problem through their smart design. Namely, these chairs are designed to give your body the much-needed position in order to fully escape the pressure put on our spine, subsequently avoiding back and neck pain. They are extremely comfortable, even too comfortable for human liking. But zero gravity chairs go beyond because most of these chairs have extra features that are designed to further help your situation.

Most of these zero gravity chairs are made out of a sturdy frame, hard-wearing materials, and they are all padded to give you the best comfort while resting, or even working. Yes, you can even work while sitting in your zero gravity chair. These chairs will put your knees and hips at a 90-degree position, meaning that your spine can rest in a weightless position. Most zero gravity chairs are designed to alleviate any neck and back pain, but what’s interesting to know is that you can adjust the resting angle yourself so that you can use it in many other positions. They are extremely versatile office chairs that can be adjusted in a zero gravity position, or in a sitting up straight position.


Zero Gravity Chairs are rated by physicians, and various studies, as being the best chairs for maintaining the zero gravity position. And the zero gravity position has been rated as the best sitting position, by the same people. While in a zero gravity position, your blood circulation also increases, resulting in better management of swelling and reduction of hearth stress.

These chairs are so advanced that a 2019 selection has chairs with computer monitors and even a keyboard and mouse place so that you can work from them.  Others have the option of using two monitors, a special tray for placing your laptop and many more features. Zero gravity office chairs are the best chairs designed to help YOU reduce all the pain associated with sitting positions.