Reasons to Outsource a Game Startup

Outsourcing game development is a simple and cost-effective way to realize your game elaboration vision with minimal investment. This is especially true for art outsource. We have prepared 5 main advantages of cooperation with an outsourcing company.

1. Everything is under control

Having outsourced the project, the client knows that the firm will regularly keep him informed of the process. You can control the update around the clock. The outsourcing firm will take care of everything from setting deadlines for engineers to dividing and assigning tasks.

In the case of direct hiring, the client also has the ability to assess progress, but everything will have to be done independently.

2. Cohesion above all else

The outsourcing firm knows the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and assigns tasks with these points in mind. They have already selected programmers, game designers, artists, testers, and other IT specialists with the necessary skills and tested them in their work. In addition, since the company specializes in game development and similar projects, this is not the first day, mutual understanding between team members will be better. The absence of organizational and communication problems is necessary for the timely completion of the project and effective cooperation.

In the case of direct recruitment, it will take some time to establish communication between the team members. In addition, the employer will have to personally assess each developer of computer games in order to find out the strengths and weaknesses.

3. Shorter deadlines

By outsourcing game art design, 3D and 2D art services to or other companies, there is a better chance of completing the project on time. Outsourcing crews are better at planning and trying to meet requirements.

If during the work on the project it becomes necessary to increase the engineering capabilities, the outsourcing company will cope with this faster. She has the trump card up her sleeve in the form of experienced HHs and HR specialists who will quickly recruit staff to develop custom games. And the majority of self-respecting outsourcing companies have a staff of engineers, so to expand the team, it is enough to turn to internal resources.

In the case of direct hiring, the client is directly dependent on the developers. If suddenly he is not a coder himself and is not personally familiar with Python, Ruby, Java or other beasts that live in the programming forest, developers are free to set goals at their own discretion. This is fraught with the fact that the game code will be written in a rare programming language and in a manner that no one outside the company will understand. And don’t forget about the delays associated with the search for specialists.

4. Expert level in everything

Offshore firms are equipped with the software and hardware required to develop mobile or computer games. For example, to develop a game for the iPhone or iPad, you only have to write code on Apple Inc. devices. More examples you can check “

By hiring an outside team, the client gains extensive technical capabilities and skills. Experienced developers know how to avoid common mistakes and implement proven, effective solutions. To avoid additional costs associated with further maintenance and bug fixing, you can simply order an outsourced game development.

5. Incredible Savings

Going to conquer the world of games, the client decides to create a separate center. When building such a business, the startup expects to invest a lot of money in this business. The client expects to receive a considerable profit from such investments, in the longer term, of course. But the profitability of such an investment is questionable. Lack of knowledge of the specifics of the market and simply a huge number of managerial, economic and other risks increase the cost.

Therefore, although the cost of outside game development seems high, the cost of the service is not overhead and covers the overhead costs. You can find out the cost of creating a mobile game here.

6. Cross Platforming

Game development needs flexibility and you cannot develop an app that runs on only one operating system. That being said, you need to develop apps that run both on android and mobile. Web-based systems are viable platforms too and gamers want to enjoy games on all systems that they have available, be it a Laptop or a desktop. You will need to look for a developer who is capable enough to develop games that can easily adapt to all platforms and have the same functionality throughout. With outsourced game development, you can ensure that your game runs significantly well on android devices, and is equally remarkable on iOS devices as well.

7. Rapid Communication

The outsourced teams have project managers or senior representatives who will keep in touch with you through several secured communication channels available. You will not have to convey your requirements to several different developers, and the representative will spread the message related to your project throughout the channel, and will also communicate the timeline to get particular tasks completed. They will also show you different parts of the game as and when they get programmed.

8. Security and Bugs

You don’t want to have flaws or bugs in your game or want it to have some hacked functionalities. If you pick an expert and expert outsourcing web development company that has skilled in-house developers who are dedicated to developing robust game applications, then they are the best fit for your project. Such teams ensure that the game developed is free from all potential bugs and completely secure.

Also, if you are planning to introduce paid downloadable content shortly, you will have to work with the development team, so that they build protected databases. Also, they will have to work on securing the customer database, from all kinds of cybercrime activities.

9. Time-Efficiency

It is one of the most crucial facets, when it comes to software development. Being a startup, you are new to the industry and do not have the required expertise to perform all the necessary tasks. Moreover, you are not equipped with the required tools as well. Amidst all these, if you choose to search for candidates, who would be the right fit for your development team, the process will not take a lot of time, but at the same time will exhaust your budget as well.

Outsourcing turns out to be one of the most cost-efficient solutions. It will not only save a lot of your time, but will also eliminate the hassle of all kinds. An expert team will be delegated to your project, who can readily start working on your project.


Technology is ever-changing and to keep up with the demands of the industry, developers should adapt to the changes. The outsourcing model stood out every time by proving its efficiency and advantageous aspects in the development industry. When it comes to mobile game development, they are completely equipped with all the required resources. Outsourcing game development shines, which allows you to focus on core activities.