Night Monoculars for Natural Observation

If you are one of those who like to observe in nature or a hunting lover and want to improve your accuracy when viewing an animal, this is your place. Welcome to the online store of night monoculars. Here you can buy your night vision at the best price.

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What is the best night vision monocular for waiting?

You have been looking for a quality monocular for some time, which allows you to see in the dark during your long hours of stalking and still do not know what monocular to buy you can visit Companies like this one work the hardest to bring the highest quality night vision and thermal devices.

Night monocular comparison

Do not rush to buy your night vision device. It is important to know its usefulness and how they work, since if what you want is to observe in the distance what you need are binoculars, but if you are looking to see in the dark or in low light situations, then yes, buy a binocular or monocular to see in the dark.

The technology used by these devices is evolving to offer higher quality and they are classified in generations. The higher the number of generation, the higher the quality of the device and the image.

How to choose a night vision device

In addition, when choosing a night vision device you must evaluate a series of parameters:

  • Degree of ambient light at night.
  • The distance of the object or animal that you are going to observe.
  • Hue and contrast with the environment
  • Object size and details, in this case, we will look for the recognition range or detection range to capture movement only.
  • Ergonomics and comfort of the device.
  • Other technical details such as photosensitivity, distortion, resolution, etc.

How does a Night Monocular work?

What viewers, binoculars, monocular and other night vision devices do is amplify the ambient light to see more clearly, but how does night vision work? Simply, these night vision devices collect the ambient light made up of photons and transform it into electrons using the night viewer’s image tube. Through an electrochemical process, electrons are converted into light when passing through a phosphor screen, and the resulting light appears in green.

Difference between infrared night vision and thermal vision

Night vision is the ability to see an environment in low light conditions. Humans are too limited to see clearly and clearly in the dark but thanks to the sophisticated night viewers on the market, this limitation is solved.

We can distinguish infrared night vision on the one hand, which capture part of infrared light to amplify image intensity. The image is usually displayed in green although sometimes black and white viewfinders can be monocular.

On the other hand, thermal vision captures infrared radiation and translates it as temperatures. This shows the image highlighting the objective in yellow, orange, red and blue colors. Generally, these devices are not very economical.

Night monocular marks

Choose from the best brands of night devices to have a clear and sharp focus so as not to lose any detail. Choose from the best brands of night monoculars on the market: ITT, AGM, Yukon, Bresser, Zenit, and Pulsar.