The Best Awnings and Roof Systems That Money Can Buy

If you’re looking to brighten up the outdoor area of your restaurant, office, or home, awnings are one feature to consider. There are many advantages to having an awning installed. First and foremost it helps reduce cooling costs by providing shade to different areas of the house. Secondly, you can keep your outdoor furniture from fading due to exposure to sunlight and make it last for years. Finally, it keeps your windows clean and protects them from different environmental elements such as rain and hailstorms.

Located in Livonia, Michigan, Mary Grove has a wide range of selection when it comes to awnings and other roof systems. Among the many choices, fixed awnings is a popular one and the company keeps a large selection of solution-dyed fabrics, they also have a dedicated design team that will sit and work with you to create your ideal awning, according to your desires. After you’ve finalized the design, they’ll even provide you with a full rendering on how it will look on your home.

Durability isn’t that much of a concern either with their “Heat-Seal System”. The system not only strengthens the fabric, but also makes it waterproof, and protects the seams to ensure that your awning is able to stand the test of time. No longer will you have to repair or replace your canopy every time it rains or there’s a strong wind. However, Mary Grove also sells a range of products that will help extend your awning’s life.

If you’re worried about strong winds even with the Heat-Seal System, then you can opt for a wind sensor. The sensor picks up on the motion of the wind and will roll up your awning for you. Even though the Heat-Seal System makes the awning capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 25 mph, it’s understandable if you would want to take an added measure, especially after having made such a significant investment into your home. You could also consider attaching wind poles if your home is located in a windy area, for that added measure of security.

You’ll also have a wide selection of screens to choose from if you want to provide added shade or privacy to your sitting area. Front screens extend to a height of 5 feet and significantly increases the amount of shade and privacy. The same specifications apply to side screens and you have a range of designs and colors to choose from, in the same way, you did for your awning. Mary Grove has also claimed that its screens are able to block 90% of harmful UV rays, meaning they offer added protection.

Mary Grove’s customer service also sets it apart from its competitors in the market. This dedication to service is prevalent at the outset as the company offers a free in-home estimate. All you have to do is call them and they’ll have a representative at your home to assess your needs and provide you with a solution. They also happen to offer 0% financing!