Most Popular Classes in Destiny 2

The video game industry has never been bigger than right now, and things are only looking brighter and better every year. No longer just a simple pastime activity, games have grown into proper sports, or E-sports as they are known. The most popular one bring millions in revenue every year, and millions more through sponsorships, endorsements, and various tournaments that are organized. And that is all without the actual effect and reach that streamers and content creators give them.

Online gaming is arguably the greatest form of playing, evident by the juggernauts like Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, and also Destiny 2. This article will focus on the last one mentioned, and open world, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that has spawned numerous expansion packs and it is free to play.

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In this article, we will determine what the most popular classes of player characters are in this magnificent, diverse game. So without further ado, let us dig deeper into the exciting lore and class system of Destiny 2, which currently has tens of thousands of players online at any given moment.

Classes of Destiny 2

Before we determine which ones are played the most, we first have to see what classes even exist in the game. The game offers the players a choice between three different classes, Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Each of them brings unique traits, talents, moves, and gameplay to the table, each tailored to a specific type of player.

1. Hunter

The hunters in Destiny 2 wear medium armor strength and their default melee attacks include stabbing and punching. They have the option to wear a cloak as their special class item, and they are highly mobile thanks to their double jump ability. Their overall mobility is the best in the game as well, as they strafe faster when aiming, and they can jump further. The regular, non-sprint running speed of hunters is faster than the other two classes. The class ability Dodge reloads their weapon and energy. This class has always been considered somewhat more powerful in PvP, but only those who have mastered the class and know how to move. In PvE, they deal massive damage to computer-controlled enemies, making them invaluable mostly because of their combos and invisibility sneaking.

2. Warlock

The most lightly armored class in the game are the mages and sorcerers of this world, much like their respective varieties in other games. Their melee is a palmed forward strike or a slap, and they can glide in the air for higher mobility. Their class-specific item is a bond they wear on their upper arm, and they are naturally high in recovery, which means their health regenerates faster than the other two classes. The class ability of this class allows healing and buffs to themselves and to nearby allies. A warlock will be the most powerful if you take the time and energy to focus on their talent trees and make the most out of it. Useful both in PvE and PvP, you can wreak havoc side by side with allies and verse other players. Be careful as you take more damage than others, but you can also heal better than them.

3. Titan

The heavily armored titans are the tanks of Destiny 2, meaning they can take the most damage sacrificing some of their speed and mobility in the process. Their melee attack is a classic brute force punch, and their class item is the mark around their wastes. Their mobility move is called Boost, which allows them to run quickly bot only in a straight line. Every titan is high in resilience, which increases defense in all sense of the word. Their special class move is summoning a barrier that opens additional tactical moves and opportunities, like getting an ammo refill. They are the strongest and the slowest, which is both good and bad in PvP. In PvE, they are crucial so that the squishier targets can stay behind them. For all-around class gameplay, they are arguably the best option out of the three.


Like in most games, every class has several subclasses that shape the gameplay and model it further according to certain player tendencies. For example, the Titan class has Striker, Sentinel, and Sunbreaker subclasses. Warlocks can be Dawnblade, Voidwalker, or Stormcaller. Lastly, Hunters can opt for either Arcstrider, Gunslinger, or Nightstalker subclasses.

Out of all, according to many of the research studies and lists online, Hunters seem to be the most popular option among players. This is because the overall rating of the subclasses is higher on average than the rest of the classes.

On both PC and consoles, the popularity ratings go as follows:

  1. Gunslinger – 20.76
  2. Nightstalker – 12.59
  3. Sunbreaker – 7.87
  4. Voidwalker – 7.87
  5. Striker – 6.83
  6. Sentinel – 6.07
  7. Stormcaller – 5.53
  8. Dawnblade – 4.29
  9. Arcstrider – 4.29

Conclusion and Takeaways

From this, you can see that although two of the top picks are both Hunters, so is the last. Arcstrider seems to be the least favorite subclass in the game, but that still does not diminish the amount of combined popularity when we take the Gunslinger and Nightstalker hunters into consideration. Titans are the least played class, with the Warlocks being in the middle.

When we think about how strong Hunters are in most content of the game, it is easy to understand why they are the popular choice. Their mobility and damage combination, with the addition of stealth, make them the most obvious pick for those who want nothing but to dominate. While the other two have their positives and negatives, overall, they are both inferior to the almighty Hunter class.

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