Destiny 2 – What’s the game all about?

Ah, the world of video games. Nothing really provides more joy than relaxing with a nice title after a hard day of working or doing whatever. Taking a peek down memory lane, back from where it all started, we can only see how far the video game industry really came today, and it doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Gaming is already considered to be a significant part of many cultures worldwide, with a lot of modern schools implementing eSports and game development as a part of their regular programs. Anyways, enough with the glorification of our sacred virtual universes, and let’s talk a bit about Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 is a title that’s seeing a lot of popularity lately, especially with some of the latest updates and expansions that we’re seeing. The game is developed by Bungie Entertainment, and for those of you that never heard about it, it’s an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter. The first release was for consoles, back in September 2017, but as usual, the PC version came out just a month afterward and currently sees the most players out of the two.

It isn’t really a secret that Destiny is pretty competitive, and some people even compare it to World of Warcraft, except it’s a shooter version of it. The same things apply though, you need to finish raids and farm mobs in order to get your desired gear, so it’s not really different in that term at all.

In order to become the very best at the game in terms of gear score and achievements, you’ll have to dedicate quite a few hours to playing Destiny. We do understand that a lot of people want to do this but they really can’t due to their day jobs or other responsibilities throughout the day. However, getting some help is never a bad idea, especially with the newest Destiny 2 Season 8, so feel free to click here if you are interested.


Grinding in Destiny is one of the key things that will bring you success, and you’ll have to learn to be patient while doing it. Just like in any other game where you have a looting and “Drop-Chance” system, you’ll have to repeat certain raids multiple times in order to get the weapon or other piece of equipment that you want.

PvE, however, is not the only thing that can be done in Destiny 2. If you’re more of a PvP type of person, you’re free to do that as much as you want as well. This game has some pretty amazing player-versus-player mechanics, so feel free to test your skills against real opponents on the battlefield. Remember that even if it’s not the most competitive type of a game out there, it’s still pretty serious and you will be facing some exceptionally skilled players in the arenas, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not doing well at the beginning. It’s a shooter game after all, and in every shooter game, you need to hone your skills and practice for many hours before you’re actually good at it.

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