Michael Jackson’s Car Collection

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was the most influential name in the music industry, and even after his death in 2009, he remains one of the biggest stars. If we compared him with other stars in the industry, it would be easy to conclude that he was different and unique. This also stands for his choice of cars and vehicles that he owned.

During his fruitful career, he managed to launch many top chart hits which allowed him to amass huge wealth. The thing is, he didn’t spend his money on things like other rich people, and that was also notable with vehicles that he bought. Here is the Michael Jackson’s car collection.

8. 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

Back in the days, if you wanted to ride in perfect comfort, you would get one of these limousines. The 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur is a perfect for a star like Michael Jackson as it offers a combination of white leather and black fabric. Privacy is guaranteed with tinted windows and white curtains while you have a full-service bar inside. Under the hood is the 6.75-liter V8 that is paired with a four-speed automatic transmission.

7. 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood

This Fleetwood has a history as it is the car that was used for the filming of Driving Miss Daisy. Under the hood is the 331 CID V8 engine that uses overhead valve design and offers 230 hp. With a wheelbase of 133 inches, it provides plenty of space.

6. 1997 Neoplan Touring Bus

When you are often on the road like Michael Jackson was, you want to have all the luxury and comfort while traveling. He purchased Neoplan Touring Bus and equipped it with all he needs; it offers individual seats and booths. The carpet comes with embroidered king’s crown, and this bus was used for HIStory World Tour. One of the most impressive things here is that it had a full-size bathroom and gold, porcelain and granite were some of the materials used to equip it.

5. 1988 GMC Jimmy High Sierra Classic

We have already said that there will be a few strange vehicles in this collection and one of those certainly is the 1988 GMC Jimmy High Sierra Classic. We are not sure why did he buy this firetruck and if he ever drove it.

4. 1988 Lincoln Town Car

Another limo in the collection is the 1988 Lincoln Town Car, but this one comes pretty much standard with fabric interior in combination with gray leather. Under the hood is the standard 5.0-liter engine allowing it to easily cruise both in town and on the highway.

3. 1993 Ford Econoline

This 1993 Ford Econoline was fully customized, and it came with TV, game console, leather seats and similar. One thing to note is the fact that the game console pretty much belongs to a museum today.

2. 2001 Harley Touring bike in police trim

Here is yet another mysterious vehicle in the collection, this time it is a police-themed bike. Michael Jackson never expressed his love towards two-wheelers, and on top of that, this one comes in police colors. It brings everything a standard law enforcement bike would offer, lights and sirens included.

1. 1909 Detamble Model B Roadster Replica

Among all these strange but interesting models is the 1909 Detamble Model B Roadster Replica. If it weren’t a replica it would be worth tons of money, it might be one of the most expensive vehicles in the collection.