How to Make a Small Home Feel More Luxurious

Life in a small space can feel difficult, but that does not mean you have to let it get you down. There are plenty of ways to make your area feel more luxurious, and there are many upsides to it, such as ease of cleaning and lower energy bills. The key is to consider upgrades to improve your quality of life.

Consider Home Lifts Designed for Small Spaces

A home lift is ideal for easily moving between levels in your home. They can make any space feel more luxurious because they allow you to accomplish tasks around the home with ease. Not only will you be able to move from floor to floor, but it’s a great way to future-proof your home to be able to age in place. Options from fit perfectly into smaller spaces, whether that’s your closet or just a small corner in your room.

Cutting Out the Clutter

Clutter can make any home feel less spacious and not as luxurious. If you have items sitting around that you no longer you need, it will be harder to make your home look like one of the beautiful homes you might see in magazines. It’s a good idea to ensure you have good storage in a place out of sight, such as a basement, garage, or closet. If you don’t have these options in your spall space, look for furniture that can do double duty as storage. Floating shelves can be a great way to keep books off the floor. Shelves, bins, and racks are also great places to keep your extra things. Try putting away magazines, mail, bills, and other things as soon as they come in so they don’t start to pile up.

Make Changes to Lighting

The lighting in a small space can change the way it feels. Using the wrong types of lighting can make the space feel more stressful to be in, and it can be expensive too. If the lighting is too warm, the area might feel outdated. However, if it is too blue in tone, the area might feel cold. It’s best to look for bulbs that offer as natural as light as possible since they offer a more modern and luxurious appearance. Fixtures themselves can be changed up as well. By selecting the right ones, you can fill in gaps between furniture and décor. Plus, fixtures let you bring in other finishes that were used in other places, such as a wood grain effect or metal.

Mirrors will help reflect light where you want it to go. When they are in the right locations, they will make your space feel airer. Plus, they can make the area look larger. And many luxurious spaces have mirrors, so bringing them in can help your own area look better. Try to place them on the opposite side of the room from a source of light, such as a window or lighting fixture. Even a new paint job can change the way the lighting looks. New paint can brighten a room, allowing you to feel more relaxed in the space. And it can also keep the space from looking too dated.

Add the Right Window Treatments

Your space can feel more luxurious and custom designed if you can add long curtains to the rom. Placing the curtain rod high up can make the ceilings look higher than they really are. Ensure all curtains hit the floor, and hang the rod as high as you can. It should also be wider than the window so the finished result showcases as much window as possible. You can also choose curtains that have plenty of fabric and fold nicely.

Short curtains are best to avid because they can make the window feel shorter and the space look smaller since they break up the flow between floor and ceiling. If you don’t like long curtains or are unable to find ones that might look nice in your area, you can also go for Roman shades. Avoid choosing metal or plastic blinds, which can look cheaper.

Putting in Moldings

Moldings are both affordable and easy to add, and they can make any space look classier. Of course, before you just add in any molding, you should ensure they go with the home’s style. And they also need to match the items already in the home, as well as the style. If you have an older look, you might go for an intricate style. Owners of more contemporary looking homes might want to go for a more streamlined and sleeker look. If you are not sure, you can go for whichever look you most prefer. No matter your choice, trim should blend into the existing room, not stand out. If you notice it when you first walk into the room, it might not be the right size or shape compared to other elements, such as the window trim and doors.

Treating the Walls

A wall treatment can also add texture without the clutter of hanging many items. Adding wood slats, shiplap, or beadboard can make your space go from plain to custom made. These treatments can make the space look much more dimensional. You don’t have to limit yourself to textural treatments for the walls, though. You also have the option of adding wallpaper. When the walls have more pattern to them, the space can look much more upscale, and the right paper can transform your room completely.

Even if you are renting, you can use wallpaper because you can find peel-and-stick paper that will not mess up the underlying surface. If you have never used it before, you might want to try it in a small space, such as a bathroom, and if you like how it turns out, you can then do it in a larger area, such as the living room or dining area. Peel-and-stick is also a great option if you are unsure what design you would like or if you know you will want to change it out after a few years when something else comes into style. Do your research on which styles you like the best.