3 Ways To Keep A Long-distance Relationship Happy & Strong

Love is what human emotions run on. We all want to be accepted and loved for who we are. Those who think love is temporary and can lose its importance and potency over time are largely mistaken. They are either the ones that have given up on love or never have experienced a meaningful relationship.

Many people believe that love is another catalyst to enforce things like a place in the world, approval, and social utility. People love other people that are dead as well. Where’s the social utility in that? Love is a lot more powerful and realistic than just being a biological construct.

People write it off as a natural response from humans to keep the human race going, but that is essentially not the case. Personally speaking, we feel that love is one of the most potent forces capable of transcending space and time.

The promises kept, the hearts broken, the ups and downs in a relationship are all part of the journey that one usually faces in their life. Valentine’s day is undeniably the day of love. Visit to browse through the multitude of products that you could gift your significant other this valentines day.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways you can keep your relationship happy and stronger. We’ll start with the difference between a long-distance relationship and the one you spend time together with. That being said, without any further ado, let’s get into this!

Difference Between A Long Distance Relationship And A Conventional One

Relationships are introduced to us from birth itself—an undeniable bond between mother and child, father and child, siblings. We either grow up creating so many relationships or hardly any at all apart from family. Romantic relationships are one of the most exciting and feel-good things in this world that we’re very likely to experience at a young age.

This, although it is not love in its true sense and serves as a purpose to mature us into beings that are ready to procreate. The hormones running wild in our body likely won’t be able to tell the difference between love and a crush. We develop all these feelings and run with them as the wind does. Even if it doesn’t turn out right, our minds have a ball, with endorphins shooting left, right and center.

But as we grow up, we slowly start to realize the inevitability of our loneliness and affection in our older age and hence need to want more serious relationships. This relationship is essential to be unconditional and looks past all your flaws, which a mere crush fails to do.

A real relationship moves past the biological need of mere procreation and turns into something more that is nurturing and heartfelt. Physical intimacy is key to a romantic relationship. Holding hands, the warmth of a hug on a bad day, the cuddles when you’re lying down are all bound only to strengthen the bond between two people.

This is where long-distance relationships differ from typical relationships. The lack of physical intimacy and space between the two can take a toll on the relationship.

How Long-Distance Relationships Can Work Out

Inevitably, the long-distance between you and your significant other can significantly affect how you view the relationship’s future. People usually choose one of the two outcomes. They either choose to let go of the relationship because of the lack of their physical presence, or they decide to hold onto it no matter what.

Like we previously said, love transcends space and time. More often than not, people move away from each other for work purposes, relocation, and family transfers in young lovers. Effort never goes in vain. If you choose to put in the work and strengthen the bond between the two of you, the relationship will last as long as you want it to.

Blessed are those who get to love another right in their midst, but that is no cause to undermine those with long-distance relationships. If one puts in the effort and makes gargantuan gestures to see each other once in a while and make the best of it, there’s no reason why it can’t work the way you want it to.

3 Ways You Can Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

1)    Video Calling

We’re incredibly fortunate to be living in an era of high technological advancement. Imagine a relationship that only consisted of letters on horseback or even ravens. Romantic indeed, almost Venetian, but easier said than done. Video calling enables you to have at least a small fraction of that intimacy that you might be lacking.

Taking one look at our significant other can lead to a flurry of emotions, mostly dopamine rockets in our brain. Video calling your partner and regularly talking about each other’s lives is significant to keep the relationship going.

2)    Gestures across distances

Effort is highly looked up to in genuine relationships and is very important to keep one going well. Grand or straightforward, gestures are always appreciated even more so when done across large distances.

Send them flowers, send them some holiday cards during the festive season, send them a meaningful gift on their birthday if you can’t meet them on that day. The small things matter; trust us.

3)    Make the most when you meet

Always try to spend most of the time when your partner comes back for a while. This period will broadly define the struggle that you go through to keep a relationship alive when you are apart from one another.

Spend as much time as you can because that will essentially make them anticipate and look forward to it the next time. Moreover, the physical intimacy that you may have been lacking on all this while can get quenched as well.


Despite all these three methods to keep a relationship going, the one true thing that governs the core of this relationship is true love. Whether you can or cannot do the things that we’ve just discussed in the section above, the most important is the feeling that you have for one another. Love perseveres no matter what if it is accurate and true.

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