10 Best Netflix Movies and Shows that are Best Experienced with a VPN Installed

The path to holistic entertainment is often laden with pit stops. But then, you hardly need to bat an eyelid if you have access to a premium Netflix account. This OTT platform is easily regarded as a broadcasting marvel, with user interface, experience, and choice of movies and shows capable of outpacing even the likes of torrents.

Netflix is diverse. But it often comes with region-specific restrictions, something that can only be bypassed with a VPN. Also, despite every region you intend to experience Netflix in, offering a wide range of shows and content viewing options, you can never get the full stack unless you can modify your IP address to suit other countries and regions.

As much as it sounds complicated, a high-end streaming VPN with no capping on bandwidth can do the job for you. But then, you should know that if you plan on viewing Netflix on streaming devices, like Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or anything else, it is better to have a torrenting app and a relevant VPN handy for faster downloads. Check out this latest post to find the best VPN for safe & fast torrenting.


This way, if the Netflix server malfunctions and you cannot access the preferred region-specific content, you can always download the names as torrents and P2P files. In addition to covering your region-specific streaming needs, a Torrenting VPN also helps downloading your torrents faster, thereby ensuring that you are never short of entertainment, regardless of the device you choose to use.

But then, there is no point wrestling about the choice of platform unless you know which shows to invest time in. Here are some of the curated suggestions that you might find useful:

1. Arrested Development

If you are into familial comedies spattered with a flavor of complexity, this US-bound Netflix Show is worth considering. Reviewed highly by the audience, this is a brilliant and fast-paced slapstick that is both dysfunctional and hilarious, all at the same time. But then, only consider it if you have it in you to tolerate irreverence.

2. Twin Peaks

Still in the US! I hear you and therefore, it is best to watch the surreal cult classic while you keep looking at TV shows that would keep you occupied. A David Lynch creation, this show is all about a murder investigation that is rife with dream sequences, sex, and violence. However, it isn’t for the faint-hearted as it is one of the more provocative shows to watch.

3. A Clockwork Orange

Here is a strange, dystopian drama-comedy that rests on the shoulders of dark humor. Plus, it is extremely thought-provoking, despite being a 1971-classic and abnormally cold.

4. Only Fools and Horses

Created by John Sullivan, this Sitcom is one of the more popular shows to experience, if you have a penchant for UK-centric content. A story about two brothers who survive the duels of the Peckham Estate and even go through a number of misinterpreted scenarios, Only Fools and Horses seems more like a tale of brazen misfortune, told humorously well.

5. Back to Life

Here is another Netflix UK exclusive that entails plush viewing but without letting go of the humor. As for the plot, Back to Life is about Miri Matteson returning to her hometown, where a dysfunctional family awaits her and tests her skills to adapt.

Also, if you cannot access a streaming VPN at this time, you can even download this show as a P2P file.

6. The Promised Neverland

If the horror anime genre interests you, Netflix Japan offers the intriguing, adequately scary, and character-driven, The Promised Neverland. Whilst leading with gore, disturbing imagery, and several jump scares, this show is immersive and indulgent. Plus, it creeps you out with its creeping atmosphere.

7. The Serpent

In case you cannot view The Serpent on your regular Netflix interface, it is better to get a VPN and get onto the Dutch bandwagon. This out-and-out thriller traces the events pertaining to the life of Charles Shobhraj and has been critically acclaimed by many.

As far as the detailed plot description is concerned, the real-life accounting of the thief, seductive masquerader, and murder is bound to keep you engrossed.

8. Pulp Fiction

Here is a Tarantino classic that is available on Netflix, albeit Netflix Canada. Featuring Laura Lovelace, Amanda Plummer, and Tim Roth in titular roles, Pulp Fiction is a mob table with a reputation of being quite a violent movie.

However, more than the violence itself, it is the treatment that threw most viewers off track. As people randomly get killed or rather executed to set the premise, the entire movie feels like a careless saga with dark humor as its muse.

9. Merci Pour Le Chocolat

A French thriller with a lasting psychological twist, Merci Pour Le Chocolat is nothing short of a classic, best experienced if you are willing to head France with the VPN. While the setting of this movie is at par with any French classic, the intricate plots keep you tied to the screenplay throughout.

Often touted as a true Chabrol mystery, it is the plot progression that keeps the viewers invested. Also, at no point does the narration get too pushy and maintains a natural tempo, much like the piano recitals involved within.

10. The Hunt

If you ever end up strolling casually onto the South Korean interface of the Netflix OTT platform, do spare a few hours for the classic, The Hunt. Frankly, this is one of the best dramas that you would ever get your hands on, especially for the tragedy that leads to an eerie screenplay.

A story where a Kindergarten teacher is accused by a young student, despite no fault of his own, is worth living and participating in.

Each of these shows and movies projects a wide range of human emotions, whilst offering the best possible content viewing experience. Also, these selections are completely region-specific and wouldn’t find most on your standard Netflix interface, unless you plan on getting a high-end VPN for the job.