Lisa Morales- Who is this Cuban Beauty?

Lisa Morales has been a full-time model, TV personality, and fitness mentor for over 11 years, during which she gained a worldwide social media presence of more than 8 million followers.


She loves fitness, traveling, fashion, cooking, dancing, taking pictures, the beach,  and spending time with her closest friends. She is 100% Latina with a Cuban background.

From a very young age, Lisa started gravitating towards activities allowing her to showcase her personality. Her modeling career started when she was 15 years old and got a big break in a Seventeen Magazine fashion show.

When she was 19, she booked her first featured TV role on one of the biggest Spanish networks in the world. Since then, Lisa co-hosted a famous weekly TV show on Telemundo and also modeled for a popular swimwear and clothing brands.

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Life in front of the camera taught her how valuable fitness is, and it became her passion.


Morales promotes a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and regular exercise. She enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others achieve their personal best.

In early 2013, Lisa co-founded Miami Model Citizens “More than just a bunch of pretty faces”, which is a non-profit organization. Women face many stereotypes, and people often associate how you look with your personality. That movement is dedicated to helping women in need and breaking the stereotype associated with “pretty faces.” A team of ladies helps animals, less fortunate kids, and families in need. They have an obligation to help the less fortunate. They volunteer two times a month in the greater Miami area. Their ultimate goal is to expand the movement to more cities in the country.


In  2017, Lisa became an Optimum Nutrition Athlete.

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