Is facade sign is same effective in daylight?

Large facade signs at the door of your company or outlet are useful, as it is pleasant and a good communication strategy knows how to arouse the attention of passers-by in frank or subtle ways.

Facade Signage as a best visual guide in day light too

Facade lighting are important tools that help visitors find their way around unknown places that are full of new information. Their use is dedicated to the transmission of a message, whether advertising or informative, to a large crowd without it losing its essence. In a public square as well as in private premises, the sign plates offer simple information, intended to be recognized and understood immediately by the reader to generate a predefined action. Many solutions are available to individuals and businesses to facade sign a visual communication in accordance with its image in day light too. To appreciate the various solutions that exist in signage, click here for more details.

The importance of looking after your visual elements makes sense when you know that the first impression never leaves the visitor. From the quality of the message they conveys to their graphic design, they must be professional, at the risk of passing unnoticed or transmitting the wrong information and leaving a bitter taste to your prospects. Like any other medium of your communication, it must reflect your best sign and cause excitement, or simply inform the visitor to better accommodate it.

Why use the facade sign?

The facade signage is an effective and appreciated communication tool. It has a considerable impact on the consumer.

 The 3 big advantages of large format facade signage

  • The facade is often close to your business, so it works at the local level. Thus, companies with a point of sale can reach local customers. It is therefore of geographical importance but not only. It allows to increase its traffic, its notoriety and to value its mark. For example, Mc Donald’s places billboards 500 meters from his restaurants to give an indication of the location.
  • The cost. Whether it’s flyers, 4 × 3 facade lighting, or whatever, paper remains an inexpensive means of communication. The price will depend on your goal – long term, periodic, number of signs, location etc. The most expensive in the facade sign is the reservation of advertising space – which varies according to the periods and place. It is therefore possible to make an advertising campaign with small budgets.
  • The facade lighting catches the eye. It is impossible to avoid posters, whether in the subway, on the bus or on a billboard. With its omnipresence (24h / 24h), the facade sign can reach a large number of people. The more the poster is seen, the more you will remember the name of your company and the message to pass. This is a positive point for your notoriety and an opportunity to reach potential customers.


Is it the future in the digital?

With new technologies and the many developments enabled by digitization, the facade signage has also invested for several years in the digital market, including the principle of QR code that allow you to directly access an online advertising. This redirection system links a facade light campaign with a web page.

The strengths of digital signage:

  • A re transcription to link the paper facade to the digital facade sign.
  • A transmission of more information thanks to the redirection allowed by the digital. The information of the paper is prolonged, the mark is no longer limited to the physical format.
  • Boost the customer experience by making advertising even more attractive