Building a Pool at Your Home: Here’s What You need to know

There is no denying that there is simply nothing better than having a swimming pool right in your backyard. If you live in a location with year-round warm weather, it is a great option. However, the idea of adding a pool to your backyard may scare you when you consider how complicated this whole process from design to completion takes. It can take up to a minimum of three months and can cost up to $80,000.

If you overcome this fear or costs and time, we do not blame you. Here are a few things you should know to start the process of building a pool in your yard.


To start this process you will need to investigate all the latest materials, styles and technologies that are available for backyard above ground pools. And speaking of which, you can check out to find the best above ground pool. A simple google will turn up hundreds of links that you can work through to give you a sense of what kind of pools other people are building and all the different looks that are available.

Start a simple list of the pool designs that you love. Write down the type of pools, save the pictures you liked and take pictures of your neighbors’ or friends’ pools you love and then show all of that to your pool builder so he can understand your vision.

Also, keep in mind what you want for entertainment space, water features, decking, and lighting. These preferences may change over time, but it is nice to have a solid idea of what you want.

How to decide on the design?

If your house has more of a traditional or organic design, more natural-looking pools will complement your backyard the best. If you live in a mode modern house, you will probably want to go with a contemporary pool with clean and straight lines. If you have a more sophisticated sensibility, an elegant pool then chooses those designs as long as it combines nicely with your living space and existing home.

If you are looking to build a pool in your backyard, we recommend that you check out

Think about placement

How far do you want it to be from your house? Is there enough room to add entertaining space or landscape around your pool? Some professionals recommend that you layout flexible garden hoses in the form of your dream pool to realize how much space the pool will take up and if it scales good enough with your backyard. This can give you a rough idea of its size and placement.

Decide on who will build your pool

Unless you are a contractor yourself, you will probably want to hire someone to build the pool for you. If you are starting fresh, a landscape architect can do a design of your backyard incorporating all the water feature and a pool, and may even recommend you with a pool contractor. Remember, when you are building a pool in your backyard, make sure the contractor’s license is in swimming pool construction.

Your pool builder/contractor should be familiarized with all the local building department regulations and requirements which is very important if you want to avoid possible mistakes.

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