How to Install Wildcard SSL Certificates on Subdomain Levels?

SSL is abbreviated for Secure Sockets Layer. Installing a Secure Sockets layer (SSL) certificate ensures the security of your site by encrypting your data. They provide protection through an HTTPS connection. Considering the extensive use of browsers and the excessive data transferring happening around the globe, protecting one’s site is not a choice anymore. It has become a necessity.

Multiple SSL Certificate Options

If a person has more than one subdomain, that person should buy and install a single certificate that can protect all the subdomains rather than purchasing a single certificate for each. Buying a separate certificate for each website can be costly; thus, buying a single “Wildcard SSL certificate” is highly recommended. View more on

There are many Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates present online. Accessing them is not an issue. The problem arises when one has to choose which Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is suitable for their website. Especially for a person who is not much informed about the workings of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, choosing the right one can be confusing and become hectic.

Now, there are two options for Wildcard SSL certificates. You can either have a free version or pay to install the certificate and get some extra features and protection. Wildcard SSL certificates cover all subdomain levels. Providing SSL certificates is not the job of a single website. Many Certificate Authority (CA) websites offer Wildcard SSL certificates.

Why are SSL Certificates Important?

Digital security is one of the major concerns growing among the organizations and users. And because most of the business operations are carried around online, it is essential to put an extra layer of security for enhanced data safety. Websites with SSL certificates take huge advantage of this and here is what’s more you need to know.


The data you submit online travel through multiple points on the internet. This is the reason that it may get accessed by the unauthorised third parties. SSL will assure you  that whatever information you are about to post on your site is going to e posted on the corrected server and not just a webpage mimicking your website. To have this, SSL comes with the protection known as the server certificate. This Server certificate will  make sure that the SSL certificate provider is trusted acting just like the middle person between the SSL servers and browsers.

Secure Online Payments

Online payments is a norm these days and what matters the most is that if the mode you are paying through is actually secure! Because this is such a sensitive information that should be sent and received with the most secured route possible. This is where the SSL certificate comes in handy. This is a major requirement for the payment card industries, Their sites should have  a SSL certificate with at least 128 bit encryption for the payments to be accepted.. Without having a propper SSL certificate, sites cannot accept the payment.

Phishing Prevention

Phisihing is one the major cyber threat that can cause huge data leaks and data breaches within the orgnizations. It is normal for users to receive phishing emails. Often they come in the form of advertisements and shiping affirmations. They come with the link that  redirect to another site. The only purpose of this email is to gather the sensitive information such as credit card number of an individual. However, such activities can easily be eliminated with the SSL certificate. This is because it is impossible for such website to obtain the SSL certificate. Because ethey will never provide any authentic information that is required to get the SSL certificate making it impossible to steal user’s information.

Enhanced Security

One of the major benefit of the SSL certificate is to encrypt information so they will only be available to the intended recipients. When information passes through internet, there is a higher probability that it may get accessed by the unauthorized third parties. Since the SSL certificate encrypts data, some random characters will be inserted in them. And if it will be accessed by the unauthorised parties, they will not be able to read or understand them. Thus, SSL certificate makes it a great deal when it comes to protecting the sensitive information, from User IDs, passwords to credit card numbers.

Installation Process

Many websites provide a free trial version or premium version of Wildcard SSL certificate with subscriptions as well. Now, to answer the question “how to install wildcard SSL certificates?”

Installing Wildcard certificates is not that much tricky; just follow the following steps,

  1. First of all, find a website that suits your plan; either go for a free one with minimum security or choose from one of the following ones.
  2. After purchasing the eligible certificate, the next step would be generating a CSR code and a private key. You need to fill out the form for generating CSR and the Key provided on SSL websites. The form asks about basic information like name, email address, etc. The one thing you would need to consider is to add an asterisk before your domain name.
  3. After filling out the form, click the generate button.
  4. Your CSR and private key will be shown, copy your CSR and download the private key by pressing the buttons provided at the bottom.
  5. Next, open your website; in settings, find domains and click on the option to add a custom SSL certificate; you’ll get the option to fill in CSR and key. Proceed to fill out all the information
  6. The last step would be to check if Wildcard SSL certification was successful or not by using any authentic online platform to confirm successful installation.

If you are a website owner and still thinking about purchasing of SSL certificate, then there is no time for this. Investing in a suitable SSL certificates is crucial for the website security and of user’s data. Buy one according to your website needs to ensure website security and build trust in your audience.