6 Tips and Tricks to Help You Improve Your Skills at Wordscapes

Wordscapes has recently emerged as one of the most popular applications for word nerds. Sounds boring to you? Well, it might not be for everyone. It has got over 85 million downloads from players worldwide. Wordscapes is a mobile game that is available for free. It is currently supported on both Android and iOS platforms.

Wondering about the name? Well as the part of the name (‘scapes’) suggests, the game is set to give you a soothing experience away from the hassles of daily life where you can delve deeper into the world of words and diverse vocabulary. The game is set against a relieving backdrop of a forest, the ocean, or a mountain. Does imagining these help you forget all the work or academic problems in your life and give you holiday vibes?

This is exactly what the game wants to do. While it might not always be possible to travel due to various reasons, this game will help you “escape” as you enjoy the game.

Wordscapes is different from other word games existing in the market. The goal in this game is not to make as many words as possible in the shortest possible time. Unlike other games, there are blank spaces in the crossword puzzle which guides you in completing the word.

If the word you complete is valid and fits in the puzzle as well, you qualify on to the next round. The levels are very quick and you progress onto the next level only by filling in a few words. Do you think this is all that you can get? Well, certainly not! You can also ask for a hint if you feel like you’re stuck. However, as you are all aware, nothing in this world ever comes for free. So remember, each time you decide to ask for a hint, you have to pay with your coins.

Here are a few tips that can help you master Wordscapes. Probably, you will be able to challenge some of your friends to a Wordscapes contest too. If you still struggle to head on to higher levels, then is where you must go to find the spot on Wordscapes cheat. However, try polishing your skills with the help of the following tips.

Tip #1: Pen and Paper

A lot of Wordscapes levels have an extra word and these extra words have a coin in every space. You have to try your best in spelling that word first. You have to keep a pen and paper handy. This might be an app, but it is no different from those crossword puzzles in the newspapers. It will not go to waste at all. Your eagerness to score a bonus word will most probably let you swipe in some more words from the puzzle and help you earn a couple of more coins too.

Tip #2: Guess the Longest Word

Are you feeling lost? Can’t get the hold of that extra word? In that case, you must prioritize whipping out the longest possible word that can fit in the puzzle. There is usually one word that utilizes all the letters present on the wheel. This is what will give you the most clues too about the other missing word. In addition to that, it feels nice to get that six-letter dreadful word right at the first instance.

Tip #3: Never Miss A Word

Do you know that the written word prioritises succinctness? However, this doesn’t happen in Wordscapes. Puzzles are not timed. In addition to that, you can earn a coin by spelling every bonus word. Swipe every word that comes to your mind even if they are not real words. It might just hit the dart.

Tip #4:  Pluralise

You would probably have no idea and would not want to believe this simple trick. Many puzzles trick with pluralising the word that has already been played. This can even lead to a  double-devious move i.e. a  word that only exists in the plural and not singular form. If you see S present on the wheel, the simple trick is to pluralise everything you can. You will surely earn a bonus word even if that word seems to be nowhere in the puzzle.

Tip #5: Abbreviation Is The Key At Times

Wordscapes does not accept textual language or abbreviations so do not use them here. The dictionary in Wordscapes is not as generous as the Scrabble dictionary. The game does not accept abbreviations like BFF or Hon and all the informal words that you use with your friends.

However, some standardised abbreviations like “sub,” “alt”, “pro” and “demo” are accepted. These abbreviations are all fit to be used. Generally, the only way out is to go for words in the formal dictionary. However, in case, in case you are revolving around for a short word, an abbreviation might come out to be the right fit.

Tip #6: Do Not Stop Shuffling


Are you wracking your brain too long over a word? Well, in that case, we recommend that you continue shuffling till you get to a pattern of words that makes sense to you. The shuffle button in some cases rotates the wheel clockwise. This does not help much. Do not lose hope. Keep shuffling it and you’ll finally start to see something that makes sense to you. While it might not give you a sense of the correct word, it will certainly give you some perspective for you to think and get the word.

What Is The Significance of Wordscapes Brilliance

Wordscapes Brilliance is a brilliant way to track your progress in the game and give you a sense of achievement. After all, a confirmation of how good someone is always gives some positive affirmation. Wordscapes Brilliance is earned in response to beating more and more levels. This in turn implies that you play an impressive number of words. So how is the achievement celebrated? You are given a bright, gleaming sun to flaunt on your starting screen whose number increases as you complete more levels. After all, who does not love the sun? However, it is important to mention that the number doesn’t have any impact on any other aspect of the game. It is just an attempt to encourage you.


Hope these amazing tips will really help you in your Wordscapes journey and you will soon emerge as the master of that game.

The game just provides you with the letters and blanks and the onus of spelling is upon you. And as with any other application, it has got its merits and demerits. However, Wordscapes has booming popularity as one of the best word games because of its swipe option. To top it all, the aesthetically pleasing art and almost inexhaustible content are all set to give you an enjoyable, learning experience.

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