7 Tips For Planning For A Short Move Across Town

If you’re planning to make a short move across town, chances are it’s not even something to think about, right? You really just have to pack your things in a weekend and you’re all set. Thing is, once you look at all the things you need to accomplish for even a single move, you might easily feel overwhelmed with the kind of requirements and specifications you need. Aside from potential documents, you need to worry about your inventory and your schedule. In fact, you might realize that your “short move” might need even weeks to take – and rushing all the parts of the moving process can just cause more problems than you’ve expected.

Thankfully, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up on your short move across town. In fact, with the right planning and execution, you’ll just be able to plan your short move properly without any worries – and it would just seem like an ordinary trip or even vacation! Here are some quick tips to take note of:
  • Secure your paperworks and the necessary documentation. First things first, you need to ensure that you’ve secured the necessary documentation and paperworks you need for your move. That way, you won’t have any issues with regards to the latter stages of your move as you’ve gotten the much-needed certification, homeownership documents, and other essential documents you need for your house move. This is important especially if you need things such as insurance paperwork or even leasing documents if you’re renting a place instead of buying one. The earlier you secure these documents, the easier and more smooth-sailing your move can become.
  • Organize and secure your inventory as soon as possible. Once you’ve decided on your short move, a good next step is to organize and secure your inventory. You can do this by listing things you own in a spreadsheet or an organization app, and then listing some new details and relevant information you can use for the move. These include relevant data such as quantity, quality, weight, or even potential sales price. That way, you have a means of identifying which items you can keep, sell, or even throw away. Moreover, some movers actually make the weight of your items as part of the basis of their transportation quotation, meaning it may help you save money to know your inventory in advance and decide which items you want to sell or keep.
  • Opt for online shopping when it comes to your packing essentials. Just because it’s a short move across town doesn’t mean you have to pack your things willy-nilly. Instead, you can opt for online shopping when it comes to securing the materials you need. That way, you’ll save gas and money that you would’ve allocated to travelling to the shop. Thanks to online shopping apps, you can now buy things much easier and even have these items delivered on your doorstep as soon as possible.
  • Pack your things across months or weeks instead of days. Even if you’re planning for a short move, chances are you’ve been planning this for a while now. In that case, try not to procrastinate and leave your packing in just a few days before you make your move – even if it’s very tempting. Remember, procrastinating until the last minute will force you to become a bit reckless when it comes to packing, leading to unnecessary things being packed in wrong boxes, or not properly planning how to fit things in containers. Instead, try to pack across months or weeks leading up to the short move so you have proper designations to your belongings without the need for the rush.
  • Streamline your moving schedule with the rest of your daily routine. Regardless if your move is a short or a long one, it might help for you to streamline your moving process with the rest of your daily routine. This way, you don’t necessarily have to force yourself to compromise your workload or your schoolworks just to make your short move across town successful. To do this, you might want to consider using the same calendar to manage your work tasks or your schoolwork and integrate your moving process there. This way, you’ll be able to insert moving tasks within breaks, free days, days off, and paid time offs – meaning there’s no reason for you to skip other necessary tasks.
  • Secure your schedule at work or at school to avoid any conflicts. Even if it’s a short move across town, it may help to secure your schedule for work or at school to avoid any conflicts. This includes talking to your manager and other necessary individuals who you need to report to regarding your move, so you can allocate the necessary time off in order to secure the things you need. The earlier you do this, the less trouble you could get into by the time your move is on its way.
  • Hire professionals to help you with your moving needs in the nick of time. If you’re having a bit of trouble streamlining your schedule with your short move, you might want to seek help from professionals such as movers. House movers have the necessary manpower, skills, and training that would help you make a more efficient move. Moreover, according to, a lot of movers can actually help you meet your moving needs as they can follow your schedule and your particular instructions with regards to some moving specifics.

Quick Tips For Short Moves: All About The Right Plan

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s completely possible to pull off a successful short move with the right kind of planning and anticipation. If you take the time to carefully assess your requirements, inventory, and even schedule, your short move won’t even feel like something you have to worry about in the long run. Remember, even if it’s a short move, its success still lies in how you can ensure that you execute and accomplish all aspects and elements of the moving process with exactly the right kind of parameters you’ve planned.

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