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How to Stay Anonymous Online?

Many people think that the Internet was built on the principle of anonymity, providing a way to place where freedom of speech is one of the fundamental values. However, over the years, we are witnessing that this is not the case exactly and that our online actions are under numerous systems that have the task of monitoring anyone on the internet. We are not only talking about government observance, but we also think about how Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are collecting information so they place certain ads to a particular user. Let us teach you how to remain anonymous online.

Use a Proxy

Whenever you are connecting to a website, you compute gives the IP address of your location to the server of that webpage. Without an IP address, you couldn’t be a part of any internet activity, and other users couldn’t reach out to you. If you want to remain anonymous and protect your privacy, you should use a proxy server. That means you are using a different IP address for your actions on the internet, and your location will be shown elsewhere.

There are lots of type of proxies online, we recommend you use the elite private proxy to anonymous surf! We suggest comparing the different proxies from and Proxyway, and compare with other anonymous solution, the proxy is the easiest to use and no software need to download, that’s why we rank it at first!

Get a VPN Software

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Virtual Private Network or VPN is a software that allows you to connect to another network on the internet. But now, they are used for totally different things than for those they were meant for. Now they are very popular because they will provide you the ultimate privacy while surfing the internet. By having this software installed on your PC, mobile, or laptop, you will keep the anonymous and privacy at the highest level possible. Check out cooltechzone for some free VPNs that will help to hide your IP.


Downloading and installing browser called Tor is one of the ways to build you invisible fortress. This browser looks like any other you have seen, but if you look closely, you will see some key differences. Tor is not directly connected to the www, but all the traffic comes through it, both incoming and outgoing. One of the main things offer by Tor is, when you are using it, it sends a fake IP address to the server, so your location could be shown anywhere in the world, and by that, you are protected. Tor is available only for desktop PCs. When it comes to androids, they can try a browser called Orbot.

Connect to Public Wi-Fi

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Your IP address will not follow you everywhere you go. That means you can access public, free Wi-Fi, and present whole another IP address to the servers of websites you are reaching out to on the internet. You should try access Wi-Fi on a bookstore, coffee shop, or a lobby in a hotel, and by doing that avoid showing your usual IP address. That way you will use an IP address from that location, and hide your real one.


As you probably guessed, hiding your IP address is going to grant you your much-needed privacy. You can do this by choosing any one of these four ways we presented to you. It is important to hide your IP address, geographical location, evading digital footprint, and preventing web tracking.