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How to escape procrastination when it’s time to work or study

Whatever weather, health, or economic situation, this state happens to each of us. Procrastination is the reason why we delay important tasks, from doing a chemistry project to completing a business report. It is especially easy to do nothing when we have multiple distractions, like emails, messengers, and social media. Whatever you must do, you feel entitled to check new messages or updates on your Facebook account before you start. Especially, when your essay looks incredibly boring or if you have no clue about what to write in the report.

Laziness can be a good thing but not when deadlines are approaching. In such a case, it is time to switch to more important tasks. And we suggest you can do it even if you do not like what’s on the agenda today. Here are some strategies that will help you teach your brain to switch to what is necessary now

Keep your goals simple and short

Trying to be more productive, you have probably organized your tasks already and decided which ones must be done today. Making a schedule is super important for time management but it will hardly save you from procrastination. On the other hand, keeping your tasks short and manageable will certainly help you start them without fear. Do not get anxious if you have large, complex goals to achieve. Break them into smaller pieces and set a separate deadline for each one. Decide that you will do the first half of the small tasks today and the other half tomorrow. Bear in mind that the smaller your goals get, the easier they are for you to reach.

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Fill your schedule with different tasks

You certainly know how to make a schedule and which tasks to put in it. But there is one tiny detail that will make it easier for you to do everything you’ve planned. Pay attention that your day does not consist entirely of work or your college routine. As long as we are human beings who are socially and emotionally intelligent, we sometimes need to do what we like. And it would be wise if you schedule some of your hobbies every evening. Do you fancy meeting some friends or doing a workout? Then put it on your schedule. This way, you have some incentive to finish your tasks and proceed to more pleasant activities.

Make realistic plans

One more important point about planning your day is not to overstuff it with activities. If deadlines are approaching fast, it may look like you need to do a dozen of tasks right now. But certainly, you understand this is impossible. And you cannot sacrifice your sleep or daily meals to cover for the time lost. At this point, you have to consider which tasks are more important to you. Perhaps, it is time to buy a minor essay from FastEssay writing service and concentrate on more important tasks. Always evaluate what is on your schedule and how likely you are to complete this project.

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Take breaks when you do a part of work

Do not forget to get some rest in between your tasks. You may be determined to take a break only after you bring a whole task to its end, but this can be a tricky approach. Your productivity depends on how much energy you have. If you get hungry or tired, it is the right time to make some coffee or have lunch.

By taking breaks, you ensure that you do not stare at your screen for 2-3 hours in a row. You are human, and it would be wise to help your body process plenty of information. To make your breaks reasonable and effective, make sure you have done some part of your task when you decide to distract yourself. Otherwise, you may end up wandering around the house all day without getting your work done.

Reward yourself

So, it is the end of the day, and you have probably done a large part of your tasks (if not all of them) using our tips. Now it is time to reward yourself with things that please you. If you have not planned to meet friends or to engage in hobbies today, do something pleasant. Stay at home and watch your favorite movie. Go shopping and buy the most delicious cake. Or go to a local pub and watch a game with a glass of beer. You’ve taken some important steps towards your goal today, and now it is your leisure time. So, do what you enjoy!

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Set goals for the future

If you are a busy person, it is essential to plan every day. However, it is even more important to have some prospect for the future. What do you seek in the long-term perspective? Why exactly should all these tasks be ready on time? Your motivation directly depends on the greater goal you set for the future. Maybe you are about to graduate from college or buy your own apartment. Or maybe you want to start your own business and need things to be ready on time

A good motivation will remind why you need to get things done. Obviously, not only because your teacher or employer demands you to submit these projects. Knowing what you want and how you are going to get it will bring you straight to your aim. And procrastination will not stand in your way this time.