How to Clean Up After a Home Renovation

Home renovation might seem like a very exciting endeavor considering the fact that your home will be remodeled and fashioned into a new home. But soon this exciting task becomes stressful when the huge amount junk keeps on collecting on your property.

You might get overwhelmed with the amount of debris that turn up after renovating your home. The task of cleaning up such a mess makes you all queasy. Do not worry, it does not have to be this way.


In this article, we will discuss about the different ways you can clean up your home after home renovation quickly and with ease. Read on to know more.

1.Junk removal companies


The easiest way to clean up after having a major home renovation is to hire junk removing professionals to do the work for you. Junk removal companies will send professionals to your home, who will not only clean your place but also carry away the junk. These people are experts who are trained to remove junk efficiently without causing damage to any of your household items or floors etc. though they might cost a bit but you will be assured of a thorough cleanup.

2.Start small

If you are planning to do the cleaning by yourself then you should start small. Start with cleaning all the visible dust and then follow with a great wipe out where you haul away the bigger and smaller debris. After that vacuum the place thoroughly for remaining dust. Now you can wipe the pace once more to be assured that your home is thoroughly cleaned.

3.Hire a dumpster rental


You can also hire dumpster rental companies such as  to get a dumpster to collect all the mess that is produced during a construction.. There are many construction dumpster rental available, who will drop off a dumpster at your place and then once you have disposed all of the junk and debris in the dumpster, they will come pick up the dumpster from your place. This is a very efficient way of cleaning up after home renovation and also saves your time as you don’t have to go dump the garbage on your own.

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When hiring a dumpster rental to haul away your unwanted items, the cost can vary depending on various factors. For instance, manufacturing facilities may need to utilize large-capacity rental units due to the size and weight of the objects being thrown away. In this situation, the cost of hiring a dumpster rental can be increased significantly and should be factored in when budgeting for these services, that is why it’s always a good idea to look for companies like Discount Dumpster that can get you a great deal.

4.Check the furniture


You might have moved out your furniture and covered them during the renovation work, but you might still want to check the furniture for any remaining settled dust. Vacuum all your upholstered furniture and clean all wooden and plastic items with a wet cloth followed by drying using a towel. Also check the furniture items for any stains acquired during the renovation work. If there are stains get them out.

5.Look up


You have got rid of the debris, cleaned your furniture and floors thoroughly. But you still haven’t covered everything. Look up. Your ceiling and fans and the lighting fixtures might have collected a lot of dust during the renovation work. Take a sturdy ladder, climb up and wipe everything with a clean cloth. Also while you are up on the ladder, make it a point to clean the top of the cabinets and shelves as they collect a lot of dust.

6.Clean air vents


A home renovation project takes a long time to complete. It gives the dust particles enough time to make their way into air vents. Excessive dirt in the air can also give way to respiratory problems.

So once your home renovation project is over and you have cleaned your house, it is time to clean the air vents. Remove the vents and clean them thoroughly. Also check for filters that have been damaged by the project. Remove these filters and replace them by new ones.

Final words


Home renovation leaves a lot of debris in its wake. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of junk generated. Follow the tips mentioned in your article and you can clean your home thoroughly and get it as good as new again.