How to choose the perfect knife for your survival kit

Are you a person that loves going out in the wilderness? Or you’re simply someone that loves quality blades? Either way, in this article we’re talking about survival knives and the importance of choosing the right one for your survival kit.

What are survival knives?

For the newbies, survival knives are not your usual kitchen knives. They’re made out of harder steel, have more practical handles and their blades are really, really sharp. Some of them might offer even more features like built-in compasses, places where you can store the smaller parts of a first aid kit such as a needle and thread etc. Survival knives are called like that for a reason.

They help you survive. If you find yourself in an unfortunate scenario where you’re lost and you can only rely on your knife in order to survive, you don’t want to have a cheap “butter knife” along with your side, that’s for sure.


Why do I need a survival knife?

Although we just mentioned this earlier, we’re still going to say it once more since not enough people realize the importance of having a very reliable blade with them when going out in the wilderness. Here are just some of the things your survival knife will help you in case you need to use it.

  • Hunting for food

If you run out of food and you need to hunt something you definitely need a sharp and strong blade for the task.

  • Building a shelter


Some situations in the wilderness might require you to build a shelter. You can’t cut wood and branches with a knife that’s not sharp and strong enough to do it. According to, this can be done using a quality survival knife or even better, a machete.

  • Use it as a weapon

The wilderness is full of danger and you need to be ready for it. Defending yourself is just one of the many benefits that a solid survival knife will provide you with.

Your survival knife will do almost all of the things you need to do in order to survive in the outdoors. Therefore, choosing the right one is really important. If you’re new to survival knives or just looking to upgrade your kit with a brand new one, crowsurvival is the best place to start. They have guides and reviews which will help you pick a good knife that might potentially save your life in the future.


There are a few things you need to look at before buying a survival knife. Although size does matter, bigger does not always mean better in the world of blades. By getting a big blade you sacrifice the ability to perform more “delicate” and detailed tasks such as carving or making outdoor tools such as primitive screwdrivers etc.

Fixed blade versus a foldable blade is one of the most common choices as well. Although a foldable version of the survival knife will be more compact and easier to store, it is not as durable and strong as the fixed blade one. In the world of outdoor survival, any kind of joint is a disadvantage. Also, you can use fixed blades to make spears and other types of “javelin” weapons for example if you need to.