How to Build the Best Home Golf Simulators under Premium Budget

Are you planning to build a home golf simulator but struggling to reach the final decision? Because you don’t know how to find out the Best Home Golf Simulators under your budget. Get relaxed as you are reading the right article which will help everything you need to know about home golf simulators to get the best one. Rather read the article and learn how to get a sophisticated setup which will eventually turn your home or room into a high-tech practiced ranged indoor golf simulator.

As the snow is melting, you are getting anxious because you will miss playing in your regular course. Right? Don’t worry. Here are some simple but effective tips which will help everything you need to know about home golf simulators and build your own one in your home under your budget. And the nasty weather never could hamper your regular practice or enjoying the game.


Find Out a Secured Space

The very first thing that you should do for setting up your golf simulator is to find out the right place. I know it’s a very tough job but not impossible. You can go for the use of your garage when you don’t have a spacious room. It will allow you to have enough space for the golf simulator. I suggest taking a 15 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet height which is ideal. But when you don’t have 10 feet height, go for at least 8.5 feet.

Go for System Brain

When you are going for a personal simulator, it is better for you not to go for a commercial one. It will cost you more though it may perform amazingly. Instead, you can consider OptiShot for your system brain which will cost you less but perform better featuring 16 highly-calibrated sensors. These sensors are amply capable of tracking all the clubs with super measurements.


Get a Right but Budget-Friendly Projector

Now you need to have a projector. If you are under a budget, here you can use a TV to play the role of the projector. But it is better to get a projector as it will allow you to have realistic golf feel with its bigger screen and panorama.

To get the 3D realistic images, you can get Epson VS230 or ViewSonic PJD5533W from OptiShot which will come with a premium budget. But never try to get a very inexpensive mini projector that will certainly make you unhappy in the future.

Get a Golf Mat

You can get a hitting surface with the OptiShot if you go for it but I am sure it will not provide you the actual golf feel swinging up on the ball as the mat come with only 1 inch high and 1 foot long. So, you should get a quality one coming with at least 5 feet long and 3 feet height. It may cost you a few dollars but bring you the real test of golf play.

Have a Strong Projector Screen or Net


You certainly don’t want to tear your projector’s screen. Isn’t it? Here you need to set a durable projector screen or protective net in front of the screen. There are many budget-friendly options for you as The Net Return pro or Haack Golf Net. You can get anyone. Besides, you should remember you need to set up a side as well as top net of the screen when you use a real golf ball.

Final Verdict

Now you are well educated about how to build a home golf simulator even under a budget. So, why are you doing a delay? Rather step for your desired one and have some golf fun in your indoor simulator.