How Sanitary Are Bidets & Bidet Attachments

If you have started equipping or renovating your bathroom, you are probably thinking about all of the things you need. You may have thought about a bidet, but you weren’t sure if it was a good option. Although many people today are not entirely sure whether bidets are hygienically acceptable, the fact is that these days there is more and more talk about bidets and their popularity around the world is growing. The truth is: not only are bidets hygienically acceptable, but they are also a very desirable environmental option. Many today argue that bidets are more hygienic than the use of toilet paper. Below we share with you more about how sanitary are bidets and bidet attachments.

What are bidets and how sanitary they are

Bidets are bathroom fixtures that use water to clean and rinse the backside and genital region after going to the toilet. Nowadays, there is more and more talk about bidets being an adequate substitute for toilet paper. The use of toilet paper has its drawbacks, the main of which is inadequate wiping and transmission of bacteria on the hands and other regions of the body. Unlike cleaning these regions with toilet paper, using a bidet achieves more hygienic conditions thanks to the fact that the bidet uses a directed stream of water that effectively removes all the remains of urine and feces.

This is especially true for some more modern bidet models, which also include contactless toilet seats that go up and down by themselves, as well as the option of automatic rinsing. There is also the option of hot air dryers, which completely eliminates the use of hands and the possibility of transmitting the infection.

Of course, some people choose to use a combination of bidets and toilet paper, which can also be a transition phase if you haven’t used a bidet before, but you want to change that.

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The main reasons why bidets are sanitary

Bidets are sanitary primarily because they use a stream of water that is directed directly toward your backside and genital regions. Effectively removes urine and feces without the need for using hands, especially when it comes to automated models. It does not show the possibility of transmitting infections as is the case with the use of toilet paper. Also, the efficiency of cleaning and rinsing the region does not depend on the technique used. Today, there are models that already contain a dryer as well, which means that there is no need to use toilet paper or towels in order to dry this region.

Of course, if you want to maximize sanitary conditions, it is necessary to regularly clean your bidet with various hygiene products that will remove all bacteria that are potentially left behind after washing.

What about bidet attachments?

Bidet attachments are placed between the existing toilet seat and the toilet and have almost the same function as bidet toilets. Bidet attachments can be a good option for all those who are not sure if this method of cleaning suits them, so they want to test it before investing in a bidet toilet. They are very easy to install, so you can upgrade your toilet in no time. Also, it can be a practical option for small toilets where there is not enough space for additional bathroom fixtures.

Whatever the reason for choosing a bidet attachment, it is important to know that they are as effective and as sanitary as bidet toilets. A jet of water is used which is directly directed towards the genital regions, thus reducing or completely eliminating the need to use toilet paper.

Some additional tips when using bidets or bidet attachments

  • For the first time: use toilet paper, then bidet

If you have never had the opportunity to use a bidet before, we suggest that for the first time you wipe with toilet paper, and then try this new option you have in your bathroom. This will prevent inconvenience and ensure you know how to handle it before using it for its intended purpose.

  • Check the water jet

Before using the bidet, we suggest that you first try the water jet and conclude if everything is OK and how you need to adjust it to make it suitable. You don’t want any surprises – so make sure that jet is optimal before you start using it. The same goes for bidet attachments: test them first, then you can start using them for cleaning and rinsing.

  • You don’t really need any gels, soaps, or other cleansing products

Keep in mind that for optimal cleansing it is enough to use only water, and this is often the most recommended option (especially for women, in order to prevent imbalance of the vaginal flora and bacterial infections). If you enjoy using soap or another cleansing product to clean your backside, you can use them, but this is not necessary.

  • You can use bidet to freshen up

The use of the bidet is not reserved only for after using the toilet. Many people use it after sexual intercourse or in other situations when they just want to get a little fresh up.

  • Close the T valve after use

When it comes to using bidet attachments, we suggest closing the T valve after each rinse. This way you will avoid leaks and ensure that your attachment lasts a long time.


Although there is still much discussion today about the hygiene of bidets and bidet connections, numerous studies have suggested that using these bathroom fixtures can achieve a much better degree of cleaning than is the case with toilet paper. Bidets and bidet attachments are completely sanitary, and they are also an eco-friendly alternative, as they use only water. Make sure you use the bidet and bidet attachments the right way to get the most out of them.