7 Latest Trends for Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is a precious place in your home. Whether you are making a new bathroom or renovating the old one, it is wise to check the trends. You should know what bathroom trends are popular nowadays and then choose the best renovating ideas from them.

In earlier time, people used to create bathroom in a small, limited space with simple design and colors. But that time has gone. Today, if you ask me about how to renovate a bathroom, I will suggest you to check the latest trends and thereafter select stuff on your own.

1. One Material, One Bathroom

I have seen the old eighties toilet with same tiles in whole bathroom. That was left by some new design of nineties, but it has come back in trend again. The size is of course changes, old bathrooms were small and less functions, while new bathrooms have a large space and offer lots of features.

The term “one material, one bathroom” means you should select one material as apply it in your whole toilet. For example: you select cotton white color tiles with coffee color shades. So these tiles will be installed in your whole bathroom including half wall area to get protection from humidity.

When you add same tiles in whole toilet, it will look classic and attractive to everyone. The best thing about this trend is that it is loved by all age groups. Your parents, grandparents and kids, all of them will appreciate when you show them the new bathroom model in 3D design.

2. Give A Touch of Wood

Sometimes you just get bored of seeing tiles everywhere in the house. Therefore we give you an alternative to tiles which is wood. Yes, you can use wood to change the whole overview of your bathroom. You can find some tiles or marbles in wooden color to create that look or use real sturdy wood to make it a masterpiece in your house.

The wood made toilet may cost you more, but it is worth it. Make sure the wood is fully water resistant or is protected with a solution to withstand water and humidity. Only then your bathroom will shine and the wood construction will last for years.

3. Texture Walls and Pattern Floors

The plain tiles and simple design have done enough, now it’s time for some unique pattern and texture. The latest bathroom trend is about texture on walls and pattern tiles on floors. When you make such toilet, nothing will appear simple, it will be different and you will love it.

There are many colors and texture or pattern designs available in market. You should take a look on latest collection of tiles with unique texture to find your desired product. The golden, silver, cotton white, beige, coffee brown and dark green colors will be suitable for your bathroom.

4. Shower and The Shower Room

In the process of toilet renovation, you have to upgrade the shower. The simple shower with single water flow option is outdated now. The latest technology has made many innovations in shower, it has become high tech with some advanced functions.

The new shower comes in a different shape and design. It is operated by a remote control that you need to mount nearby the shower. The shower allows adjusted water pressure and temperature options to let you have a customized shower every time. You can also set the timer to decide your bathing time in advance and prevent the waste of additional water.

The shower room is made by adding simple and plain glass walls around. People also use curtains outside the shower room to respect each other’s privacy. But the latest trend has made open shower rooms i.e. no glass walls around. You can still add curtains if you feel open showers will appear weird in your toilet.

5. Mirrors Make Difference

The latest trend has created the mirrors in unusual shapes. The square shaped, round shaped and rectangle shaped mirrors are too old to have. The new mirrors come in egg shape from above and square from sides & bottom. You can also choose a triangular mirror or a mirror in completely undecided shape.

Not just the new shaped mirror, but lighting around it is also important. You can add colorful LED lighting on your mirror. Some mirrors come with LED lights all around. These light illuminate while you are looking in the mirror and make it a pleasant experience for you and your family.

6. Storage Is Always Hidden

A bathroom is not complete without storage. You need storage for your towels, soaps, shampoo, hair oils, conditioner, syrum, moisturizer cream and other stuff. Your old toilet may have storage cabinet and visible shelves on its walls, but it must not be the same after renovation.

The bathrooms made in recent time have hidden storage spaces. You can create a storage cabinet right behind the mirror, it won’t take up much space and it will be a surprise for everyone who visits your toilet for the first time. You can also make the in-wall cabinet of same color as wall with in-laid handles, so it is hard to recognize if it is a wall or an integrated storage cabinet.

7. Upgrade to Smart Gadgets

You may have simple sink, faucet, toilet and other gadgets, now it’s time to upgrade. It requires a bit large budget, but it will also transform your bathroom into a luxurious place. I have already talked about upgrading the shower and how it makes your bathing easier and smarter.

You should replace your standard toilet with a smart toilet. It provides auto flushing, hands free operation with remote control, in-built bidet system, heated seat, water saving, powerful flushing and much more. The smart toilet also offers auto opening/closing of lid and night light functions to make it a spa like experience for you. you can find and check toilet reviews here.

The sink and faucet you select should be sturdy and modern. It would be great to choose a unique shaped sink and a faucet with motion sensor. This sensor will automatically detect when your hands are under it and it will send the water flow to wash your hands.

In this way, you can renovate your toilet while keeping these latest trends in your mind.