How Much Does a Custom Animated Video Cost?

Understandably, you are trying to find out how much a custom animated video costs. Animated videos can be custom-tailored to reflect your unique business goals, product and service marketing, and branding. You can share them on social media, upload them on YouTube, and share them with your customers and partners effortlessly.

But how much will the production of a custom animated video cost you? After all, you are running a business, and you have to plan your budget. Below you can learn all about custom animated video production, factors that affect prices, and the average cost of animated videos.

What Is a Custom Video?


You’ve probably noticed that we emphasize “custom” when we talk about animated videos. This is because a custom animated video is not just any animated video. It is a never-before-seen unique video that you can use as pillar content for your video marketing strategy.

Professional custom video companies can capture your brand personality and voice and incorporate it into a single animated video. Given that your brand personality and voice are unique, the video producers will create a unique video to help you stand out from the crowd. This is extremely important because the world of digital video is flooded with millions of videos.

Custom animated videos leverage characters, colors, voiceover, and music to communicate your message to the target audience. Something that remains out of reach if you choose to use a template-based video.

The Factors That Affect the Custom Animated Video Cost

First of all, custom animated videos are handcrafted, and they are done from scratch. It translates into the time required to deliver the custom animated video project. Time is always a factor in every business arrangement. In this niche, time as a factor is also affected by all other factors in play.

Then we have the custom video style. There are 100s of styles available. They range from 2D animation and live-action to stop motion and 3D animation. Each style is unique and encompasses dozens of creative processes. The prices range widely from one style to another.

While we are on the subject of style, we should also mention the custom video use case, which can also affect the final cost. A custom videos’ purpose is to impact the target customers at a specific stage of their journey. Videos produced for the awareness stage are different than those created for the decision phase. B2B and B2C videos differ as well.

In the B2B landscape, you want the video content of the highest quality. In B2C videos, you want to capture the viewers’ attention and entertain them with colorful characters.

Besides the custom animated video production costs, there are also pre-production costs. These tend to pile up for videos that have to cover complex topics.

Finally, music and voice over are also factors that affect the cost. Getting unique music composed for the video and an experienced voice actor will add to the production costs.

The Average Custom Animated Video Cost

Now, since you know all the factors that affect the cost of custom animated video production, let’s see the average costs. There are hundreds of custom video companies out there. You’ll probably stumble upon some very affordable prices.

However, there are only a handful of professional custom video companies, and all of them have pretty much a similar pricing policy. We’ve asked Kasra Design, a reputable custom animated video service provider,  about the price. They mentioned the price for a decent custom video starts from 5,000 USD per minute.

We did a bit of research on our own only to find out that the average cost of such video is approximate to the answer we got from Kasra Design’s team. The most affordable are 2D types.

They will set you back for 3,000 USD per minute, but the costs can scale up to tens of thousands of USD depending on your unique needs. 3D animated videos are the most expensive, and their price is 10,000 USD per minute on average.

Professional studios charge this amount because they provide end-to-end service, bring unparalleled experience in the field, and provide access to top talented animators and illustrators. Not to mention the hefty cost of software (perpetual or monthly) subscriptions that they have to bear. For example a Cinema 4D perpetual license would cost you 3500 USD for just one workstation. And that is usually not enough. Each station requires a pro rendering plugin such as V-Ray, Octane, RedShift, Arnold etc.

The Viral Effect of a Video and How It Helps To Get Huge Exposure

Videos have a unique effect on people. They can inspire them, instantly grab their attention, stop them from doing whatever they were up to, invoke emotions, and make them take action. Don’t forget that we now live in a culture of online sharing. A video that can connect to thousands of people will most likely become viral through social media sharing.

Custom animated videos made for business purposes are not the standard commercial videos you see every day. They are fine-tuned to communicate with the viewers even though their primary purpose is marketing.

If your animated videos become viral, you will get tremendous exposure. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend anything on it. People will share it, tag other people to see it, and comment on it on their own, thus enabling you to extend your reach and reach more prospects.

Where To Look for a Custom Video Company?

The best place to start looking for a custom video company is online in this day and age. Every reputable studio has an extensive portfolio you can use to assess the quality of their services. If you are new to all of it, it can all appear daunting. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick list of trustworthy studios known for their successes in the past.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design is an award-winning studio with a team that lives and dies by the “There is no one-size-fits-all video solution” mantra. The studio has an in-house team of licensed and experienced illustrators and animators. So far, they have helped hundreds of companies from all verticals to get their voice heard.

Epipheo Studio

Epipheo Studio is one of the pioneers in the custom animated videos niche. It’s fair to say they are probably the most professional studio out there, especially in 2D animation. Their unique signature is storytelling. In terms of price, they are on the higher side.

Grumo Media

Grumo Media specializes in helping small businesses and startups reach and engage their target audiences. Their animated videos have a unique cartoonish vibe. Grumo Media is capable of delivering videos that feature a unique blend of fun and seriousness.

Several factors have a say in any animated video studio pricing policy. As you can see, the average cost of a custom animated video fluctuates around 5,000 USD per minute. Professional studios charge this much because they deliver high-quality end-to-end service. Choosing a studio over a freelancer might be a better option if you are looking for a fast turnaround and a video that truly reflects your brand, product, or services.