8 Gift Ideas for your Man From far on Valentine

When two people are in love, it is hard for them to live apart. However, caught in the web of life, many are bound to have long-distance relationships nowadays and sometimes instead living in the same city or town, people fail to physically reach out due to unavoidable circumstances. However, Valentine is that time of the year when people in love expect warmth of companionship, bliss of togetherness and quality time. If that is not possible to have, at least people like to send meaningful gift items to let their partners realize how they are important for the other. Nowadays, it is difficult and confusing to choose gifts for men since alluring options are relatively less than that for women. Especially when one is away from her man probably because of a job, education or any other reason, it becomes confusing to choose what exactly to give. Here is a list of eight gift ideas, which you can your thought to if you are searching for an exclusive gift option for your special man on Valentine.


1. Personalized gifts to let him feel extra special

A personalized gift brings a deep sense of belonging to the one who is receiving it. Personalization means crafting an item with a feature according to particular preferences of a person. It is a gesture to make the receiver feel how his or her desires are on the priority list of the one who is sending it. Nowadays, varied unique and exclusive personalization options are available in both the online and offline gift stores. is one such hub that provides different types of adorable and alluring personalized gift options for the valentine purpose. You can personalize an item with a picture of you two or of him to remind him of the beautiful memory you have with him. To know about more such personalized valentine special gifts, click here.

2. A day-long food treat to pamper him

People often say a wise way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. Keeping that in mind, you can arrange a day-long food treat including his favourite dishes from his preferred restaurants for your boyfriend, husband or fiance on the Valentines’ day. Make sure to include a compulsory dessert item in each course. Because, why not ending with a sweet tooth?

3. Great additions to his gaming den


If your man is interested in video games and online gaming then consider gifting him a gaming console. Such an idea would not fail to instantly bring a smile on his face. You can consider giving a PlayStation console or an Xbox console. However, first get to know what he prefers and which console supports his favorite games. Try to acquire the information through indirect approach so that he cannot get any hint. If he already owns one of the aforementioned consoles, then you can gift a supported controller. If consoles are not to his tastes then a prebuilt gaming PC will be the perfect alternative. You can also gift game titles if he owns the PC or console.

4. A Hamper that suits his lifestyle

Curating and gifting a hamper according to the lifestyle he prefers to pursue in his everyday life will be an exclusive and meaningful gift option for him on Valentine’s Day. If he is a health conscious individual then perhaps you can arrange a hamper comprising sport shoes, health drinks, weight lifting gloves, health tracking devices and such. On the other hand, if he is someone who likes to stay engaged in office work, then a hamper of office essentials such as penholder, card holder, laptop bag and such would be a very valuable gift option. However, if he is someone who likes to go on traveling, hiking or doing adventurous activities, then you can also give him a travel hamper. Such a hamper would include travel bags, jackets, travel shoes, accessories, bug repellent sprays, books from his favourite author and other such essentials. Gifts like that would encourage him more to go for his hobbies and passion.

5. A combo of perfume and a smartwatch to give a new definition to his personality

Perfume and a smartwatch are a man’s best friend – as people often say nowadays. No doubt they add extra charm to one’s personality. On Valentine when you are far away from him, think about sending a smart watch coupled with a perfume from his favorite brand with enchanting aroma. You can visit online perfume shop Latafat Perfumes they deliver all around the world. Such a present on Valentine would overwhelm him with sheer joy.

6. Jewelries to give him a sense of belonging

It might sound funny though is an exclusive gift idea for him on Valentine. You can consider giving him a sleek bangle with his name on it, diamond studded men ring or a small pendant and such. These options are something, which he can carry anytime and that will surely give him the feeling that you are always near him.

7. Grooming hamper to nourish him

Since you will not be available, you can give him a hamper that will have all the necessary items for self-pamper or grooming. You can give him skincare or hair care products according to his skin and hair type. Such a gift option will be full of utility values. He will not stop giving your compliments, especially if he is not that type who is very conscious about skin or hair care.

8. Bike Accessories, the smartest thing he will ever appreciate

If he possesses a bike and is passionate about that technical beast, then gifting bike accessories such as portable bike covers, protectors, storage boxes, riding gloves and masks, and jackets would be fascinating gift ideas for him. However, if he possesses a four-wheeler then there are options for that too. You can gift a portable puncture repair kit, GPS navigators, Air freshener and Tire inflator, and such. The aforementioned ones would be some of the smartest gift choices you could plan for him on the day of love.

Celebration of love doesn’t always mean holding hands, having dinner and spending time with each other. Sometimes meaningful gifts express feelings more than physical touch and words. Beat the geographical distance between you two with exclusive gifts.