4 Tips To Get Corporate Gifting Done Right This Holiday Season

Gifting is a very difficult activity for many people who do not plan ahead. Include corporate gifting to the mix and things just become a little too difficult. There has to be a level of standardization and professionalism to corporate gifting which makes it challenging for many people. But if one is dedicated to finding meaningful gifts that people can actually use during the holiday season, we have found a way to help.

The right gift depends on the applicability and the diverse choices of people that can be encapsulated into just one thing. Big forms and organizations are not hesitating to put in the budget for the right gifts. So the only problem that remains is choosing the right gifts in the corporate scenario. Let us see some tips which can make the holidays merrier.

Plan and Plan Some More

If you are a person who likes to plan ahead and makes an organized list of everything, the first step is already easy for you. Planning is important because the receiver usually can tell how much thought and consideration has gone into the gift. Planning typically requires one to be vigilant and take some time for the gift selection. Right type of planning makes the job easier and everything can be finalized in advance.

Since we are talking about the holiday season, one needs to be vigilant before the prices rise. Apart from the prices, there are certain other reasons why you should get your corporate gift shopping done before November rolls in. The holiday season usually sees a great demand for orders on different production services which can lead to many options being unavailable. Even if you put thought into the present it will not be able to reach the person because of inventory shortages.

In October you can easily get all the gifts you wanted at cheaper rates. Even if you pre order there is a chance that there will be a shipping delay. If everything is done in October there will still be plenty of time left for the presents to reach the receivers just in time of the holidays. Apart from the delays and shortages on the vendor’s part, there is another thing to be taken care of.

The person in charge needs to collect all the addresses and personal details. Getting all the correct information and having it fed into the system will also take time. If one does not plan ahead this will just become a hassle at the last moment. If you are lacking inspiration on choosing the right corporate gifts, you can find here some good options.

Try to Respect Personal Choice

No matter how good your intent is, sometimes the presents will not be well received. This is not because the product is of a poor quality or arrived late. It is entirely a matter of subjective choice that one gift which the majority of people love is not appreciated by a small number of people.

This is where some level of customisation comes in. While making bulk orders, one should be careful to ask the employees about their choices. Giving them a few choices makes your job easier. Just ensure that the choices are limited so that it does not become difficult to manage. Bulk orders will be easier to make if there are limited choices.

Each workspace is diverse and people like different things. Allowing them to make a personal choice will make them feel involved and also make them more excited when it is time for the present to arrive. It also sets realistic expectations so that no one is expecting something over the top.

Additionally, only present choices that are priced at the same value so that the monetary aspect does not influence anyone’s decision. The organizer can even contact multiple agencies to offer a more diverse choice. The gifting can include office essentials, adventure products, or family activities. Choosing a theme makes the process much easier for both the organizer and the recipient.

Add a Note

This might seem like too much work. But a small note of appreciation is highly valued to someone who has been working in the company for a long time. One can choose to make standardized notes but a personal touch is more appreciated. Holidays are the time when people want to feel valued and acknowledged for the work they have been doing for the entire year.

Adding a note which specifically outlines someone’s accomplishments or efforts is a great way for them to feel involved in the workplace culture. Having the CEO personally thank a single employee is a special way to begin the holidays. One can also show a video of the boss offering thanks.

Personalized notes are typically great with a physical present. However, one can also opt for digital notes which are far easier to craft and do not take a lot of money out of the budget. One can also choose to circulate QR code which allows people to access personalized messages directly on their phones. It also adds to the thrill of getting surprised and builds a culture of trust.

Consider the Unboxing

There is something about wanting to open presents that brings us back to our childhood days. One usually expects something good to come out of a present and the unboxing experience just makes everything a little better. Whether it is a hamper or a gift card, the packaging makes all the difference. The thrill of getting a gift should begin the moment one sets eyes on the box and should continue even after opening it.

The Takeaway

We hope that these tips were helpful in deciding how to approach corporate gifting. Understanding subjective choice is probably the easiest way to organize everything and get it done on time. Everything should be done with consideration of one’s personal choice. Also remember the more personal a gift is, the more well received it will be.