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5 Websites to Buy and Sell Gift Cards

Have you ever gotten a gift card that you can’t use or don’t want it? Have you ever gotten a voucher for a website you’ve never considered buying something from? Well for each unwanted gift card, there is someone who does want it, and there are websites that will happily exchange those gift cards and even return your money. Of course, it is highly unlikely that you will get the full value of the gift card back, but it’s nice to have an option for your unwanted gift cards.

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eBay serves as an auction place for unwanted gift cards. There is a huge chance you will stumble upon discounted gift cards being sold both as auctions and Buy It Now items. Usually, on eBay, you can find and sell iTunes gift cards, as well as Walmart, but eBay is mostly used for lesser known brands and stores.

The Buy It Now auctions are better for these smaller stores, and the success depends entirely out on the final price during the auctioning. It is crucial to understand that after the auctions end, you will still have to pay fees to both eBay and PayPal, so take that into consideration.

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CardPool was stabled solely for the purpose of buying and selling unwanted gift cards. The site offers you a maximum of 92% of the value of the card, and shipping won’t cost you anything. According to the website, customers can find up to 35% on discounts when purchasing a gift card.

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In order to buy a gift card, you simply browse the store and look for your desired card.

You can sell your $100 steam gift card for a maximum of $92 if the card is mailed, or $87 if the gift card is an online code. You can also have the option over whether to receive your amount via cheque or as an Amazon gift card.

CardPool wants to expand across the whole world, so be on the lookout if you are outside the US.


CardHub deals in credit card sales, prepaid cards, and gift cards. It is mainly based in the US, but its services operate successfully in Canada, Australia, Greece, UK, Romania, Philippine, and Ireland. This is a huge positive for the company, as they are already expanding beyond the US.

As a seller, you can choose between selling your gift card directly to a partnered site, or you can publicly list the card for sale at any price on CardHub. Registration requires a Facebook account, and it is the only way to register if outside the US. The website has fairly good offers on selling unwanted gift cards. For example, you can sell $100 Amazon gift card for around $95.

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Gift Card Converter

Gift Card Converter is a UK only gift card marketplace like CardPool. The website operates as a marketplace only and doesn’t handle any transactions themselves. Usually, transactions go through PayPal, so a PayPal account is a requirement. The website lately dropped their listings fee, meaning its free to list your gift cards, and you can list cards between $10 and $600, with an option also to donate old gift cards to charity. Gift Card converter is a great place to sell Amazon, steam, and iTunes gift cards.

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