Georgian Style Decorating Tips

Recreating the Georgian look in your home is becoming more and more popular nowadays and it is definitely one of five home remodeling trends of 2019. This design began as a rather rustic and sturdy one. It first appeared during the reign of George I and continued all the way to the reign of George IV in England. To be exact, this style dates from 1714 to 1837.  However, today, after so many years, Georgian style became known for its lavish and mesmerizing decor. And, as it has been present for such a long time, it became timeless and almost traditional not just in European countries, but throughout all of the USA as well. Thus, if you are interested in finding out some Georgian style decorating tips and tricks, keep on reading.

Where in the US Can You Find Georgian Style Homes

Before we tackle the issue of Georgian style decoration tips and tricks, let us first mention a perfect place to find a Georgian style home. And, that means from both inside and out. That place is North Carolina. It is a US state that is currently thriving in all possible ways. The economy is great, the unemployment rate is low, both education and health systems are top-notch, and there are plenty of things to do on your days off. Thus, if you are interested in moving to North Carolina anytime soon, and learning everything about moving options, click here. Once you move there, you will be mesmerized by all the possible choices when it comes to housing. And, as previously mentioned, one thing is for sure, if you are into Georgian style homes and decoration, North Carolina is the way to go.


The picture above represents a typical Georgian style house exterior. Alt.tag. A big house.

Georgian Style Decorating Tips

However, if you are not in North Carolina, nor you plan on moving there anytime soon, that does not mean that you can not give your home a Georgian look. This style was influenced by a lot of elements throughout the years and centuries. For instance, there are Aristocratic French elements as well as contemporary Greek elements. So, as you can see, your Georgian style can be lavish and opulent or austere and rustic. You can easily adjust it to your needs and budget wherever you are. But, of course, there are some guidelines to follow throughout your home improvement journey if you want to achieve that typical Georgian look. Keep on reading to find out more.

Use a Lot of Antiques

One thing is common in all Georgian homes- the usage of a lot of high-quality antiques. Statues, pictures, figurines were all on the expensive side and because of that, placed in the center of all the happenings in the house. However, when we say antiques in the Georgian era, we do not talk about works of art only. Furniture was also thought to be an antique object. Fine furnishings made of walnut, cherry, and maple woods were considered posh and thus used the most. Curved legs were also present. All furniture pieces were well polished and carefully combined with each other in order to create an elegant looking room where there is no place for clutter. So, if you want to make your living room look luxe and Georgian, add a couple of antique pieces.


If you wish to have a Georgian interior, make sure you have a lot of antiques. Alt.tag: A Georgian style living room.

Use Georgian Color Palette

The colors of your walls are also very important. You should stay away from white, but also from those dark and saturated colors too! You will need something soft, gentle, and muted. For instance, use elegant peach or pink color, or go for a soft, baby blue or a muted green. Yellow and beige also fit in the Georgian style. The important thing is to use colors that can be found in nature or soft pastel colors. If you have a favorite color, or the color you think will go well with the rest of the room, of course you can use it, just make sure you pick its lightest version.

Arches and Trims

Another very specific characteristic of of all Georgian rooms are all the arches and trims. They were used in abundance and were a part of every room. All doors had an arch of some kind. Those arches all looked elaborate and posh. Trims were everywhere too – from the floor to the ceiling you could see some kind of plaster and painted wood molding. Everything had to look posh and expensive. This element of Georgian style is not that popular anymore as it is hard to create and, as previously mentioned, expensive. Thus, it would be much better to find a home with Georgian arches and trims and to restore it, than to begin from scratch.


Arches and trims were common features in every possible room.


When it comes to accessories, you should try to keep them organized and minimal. As you have seen from the pictures above, the Georgian style focuses on elegance and being clutter-free. Everything inside the room had its place and purpose but was still very opulent, luxurious and graceful. Windows were mostly covered by floor-draping panels. And walls were covered in trims and arches as mentioned previously. Furniture pieces had wooden work, and expensive fabric on them. Few art pieces were placed on the wall and on the shelves. There was order and elegance. So, if you want to achieve this look, try following these guidelines.