5 home remodeling trends of 2020

“Your little heaven”—the one and only place on earth where you find 100% warmth and relaxation. Your home is the pretty little beautiful bubble that describes you, your regime, and your lifestyle. We know how much your kingdom means to you! And that’s why from the knowledge of experts, we have come up with this article to help you renovate your home with a touch of innovation and modernism. Hence, to give your home a little bit more of perfection, we present to you here the 5 home remodeling trends of the year. 

1. Walls with textured wallpapers


When your wall lacks persona, it’s time to give it some flair with beautiful wall murals and textured wallpapers. From creating the look of old and worn brick to revivifying the space with some mesmerizing colored pattern tiles, a vast number of patterned and colorful wallpapers are available to give your personality a beautiful description. 

Subtle and beautiful wallpapers would exquisitely enhance your home without any doubt. Also, bold and colorful wallpapers would also give a cheerful and exciting look. The choice of wallpaper depends on the size and type of room you have. 

2. Refurbishing kitchen with modern equipment

Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. Flair your kitchen with a little bit of refurbishment with modern kitchen equipment from BestKitchenBuy products. The modern equipment consists of trending color equipment and lighting concepts, innovative countertop designs and deep storage drawers and cabinets, and so more. Unlike neutral and natural colors from the past trend, modern equipment loves to play with pitch-dark and classy-bold colors in kitchen cabinets. Go for colored and patterned crockery and China, and proudly display them in the open/see-through cabinets, rather than keeping them behind closed cabinets. 

While introducing modern equipment to your kitchen, don’t forget to pay attention to your kitchen’s layout. For suppose, you bought a new oven and want to fit it in the cabinet. However, you fail to fit it inside fully. To avoid such problems, hire an expert to draft out an effective layout. 

Go for an intriguing statement island to infuse your kitchen with a little of your class and persona.

Build your kitchen atmosphere with the perfect lighting as needed. You could even prefer under-cabinet lighting or a beautiful pot rack chandelier. The optimal lighting would always enhance your kitchen’s look. No matter how you refurbish your kitchen with modern accessories, if the lighting is dull, your kitchen would look gloomy, and all your efforts would go in vain. 

 3. Mix and match furniture with walls

People are becoming more and more experimental and hence are opting for mix and match concept.

To have the ultimate mix and match, and not the mix and crash outcome, keep the following things in mind. Begin with choosing the ideal color palette that you would like your furniture and walls to match with. It is nicer to accompany dark colored furniture with neutral wallpapers.  Choose natural neutral colored walls if you prefer your furniture to be the focal point. Your furniture will not be highlighted if you choose bold and patterned wallpapers or wall paints. 

Use your desired shades of colors in wallpapers, wall paints or wall tiles if you want your wall to be the focal point and choose simple, elegant furniture in contrast. 

Warmer tones of color look good in living rooms or drawing rooms, and cooler tones often suit more in bedrooms.

Some furniture could be big enough to make your rooms congested. Moreover, deep colored walls tend to make rooms shrink. Understand your room interior and what your room is trying to tell you. Pay attention to the measurements of furniture and the perfect position to locate them. 

4. Use of Mirrors 

Mirrors take your house to a new level, but only if you know which type and design of mirrors would elevate your home and also the focal places of installation. 

Mirrors work as a wonderful trick to create an illusion of enlarged rooms. Mirrors also brighten rooms by letting light pass through. Antique mirrors, colorful tinted mirrors, or the ones with decorative surface—all add beauty to your home; hence they work both aesthetically and practically. 

5. Use of Rug

Rugs are not just meant to rub your feet or to keep home warm; they also represent a sense of luxury and style. A rug represents a room, expresses it, provides warmth, and adds a layer of décor. 

Rugs help to divide or define areas of rooms. If you use more than a single rug in a room, make sure the rug effectively balances with the other in counterpart. 

Wisely choose the colors or patterns of rugs according to your room. Choose light and subtle colored rugs for small rooms, as too much bold colors/patterns, would make your room look overfilled. 

Also, understand the different shapes and sizes of rugs according to your rooms. 

You could also use beautiful rugs to embellish your walls.


No matter however you wish to remodel your “home sweet home”, keep your budget in mind. Being practical and realistic is ideal for any remodeling project, especially if your home is concerned. Wisely spend your budget and understand your ideal space and know your taste. Make a list of the budget and understand where to and where not to invest while remodeling your home.