The Fastest Growing Enterprise Apps

The number of business enterprises that have adopted e-commerce apps continues to grow daily. App localization services are some of the reasons why enterprise apps have become popular. These services convert a business message into a context that locals can understand. In return, the locals identify with the business enterprise’s products and services.

Business owners have realized the benefits that arise from the use of enterprise apps to reach out to their customers. A question arises as to why one becomes more popular than the others from the same industry. Future Group, a language service provider (LSP), explores some of the factors that determine growth as follows:

Focus on Customers

Enterprise apps that grow fast feature a customer-centric design. The apps’ owners and developers always place customers first when developing the apps.

To begin with, the development of fast-growing apps considers the characteristics of the end-users. Some of the issues the developers consider are whether the customers will find the apps easy to use, convenient, and safe, among other aspects. In return, the suits a specific set of customers in line with the marketing objectives of the owners.

Also, customers that use fast-growing enterprise apps contribute to their value additions. Such customers give feedback on what they like and what they do not like about an app. However, this has to feature the capability of relaying customer feedback.

If the owners of enterprise apps act on the feedback they receive from their customers, they adjust the design of the apps making them even more popular.

The Strength of the App Features

Enterprise apps with easy-to-use and friendly features grow very fast. Users of such apps find it to do one task and execute it efficiently. The secret behind developing a fast-growing application is aligning its features with the initial objective of the app. Such a consideration enables one to exhaust all avenues that make it convenient to use to execute its core task.

App Speed

Nobody would like to use an enterprise that constantly experiences downtime and interruptions. User’s time is of the essence, and owners would never waste it. In other words, when used constructively, the app user’s time translates into revenue. For this reason, a fast-growing company always responds quickly to its user’s prompts.

User Support

App users prefer apps that are easy to troubleshoot. Better still, the users opt for apps that one can troubleshoot without any assistance. In an instance when a user finds it complicated to troubleshoot an app, they expect to get assistance 24/7. If it features instant support all-round the clock, then it can grow fast.

Fastest Growing Enterprise Apps

That said, we can now understand why some apps grow faster than others. What are some of the fastest-growing apps globally? Let’s find out.


This 2016 helps in note-taking and collaboration. One of the features that make this app grow fast is its flexibility. Its users consider it a Jack of All Trades. This can create different types of blocks. Even though this aspect makes the app unfit for specialization, it can do virtually anything, including taking notes, creating a database, and managing workflow.

If you have some tasks that Notion cannot handle, you can integrate Notion with other apps or systems to perform the task. In return, you can enjoy multiple benefits from two or more apps. What more can you ask?


TripActions is a 2015 corporate trip organizing app. We are in a post-quarantine era when the world is open again. So, business people are constantly on the move, and they are gasping for the organization of their trips. Notably, tech firms are finding this app one of their favorites. Such an inclination denotes a rising number of onsite visits to these firms.

One of the strategies that they use to gain fame is the gamification of corporate travel bookings. This app rewards its users with flight gift cards and cheap hotel bookings, among other rewards. The app can also adopt organizational travel rules and apply machine learning to its users’ most preferred travel options. The three capabilities always catapult this to fast growth.


This 2012 app provides managers, designers, and developers with a collaborative digital interface. In return, these parties can see the evolution of a project in real-time! Also, it is a browser-based app that is compatible with several platforms, including Macs and Windows.

This app makes site visits and delayed project reporting a thing of the past. Also, the app makes it easy to make the necessary adjustments to a project in a timely manner. In return, its users save time and money that could have gone to remodeling a complete project. These benefits and many others make this app grow in popularity every day.


The era of remote collaboration is already here. The Miro app executes this operation module just fine. With a user base of over 30 million, this app truly stands out from other apps in terms of popularity.

Using this app, you can brainstorm, create flowcharts, make presentations, design, and carry out artwork. You can also link these activities during a video conference. These and other aspect makes Miro one of the fast-growing enterprise apps.


Password confidentiality is a paramount aspect of every organization. The Keeper app promotes remote password management and security. Some of the features of this app are zero-knowledge architecture and native applications related to all platforms. Also, the Keeper app can integrate with various platforms, including Single Sign-On and SAML 2.0 identity providers.


This is a project management app. It enhances collaboration and straightforwardness in a project. You can create workflows, applications, and functionalities using this app.

Regarding collaboration, you can assign tasks, send a message to your team members, and deactivate users quickly. You can also create calendar views and timelines, among other visualization options.

Amazon Business

This app enables companies, regardless of their sizes, to make online purchases. All the companies need to do is open a business account from the app. Afterward, they can purchase their cleaning, office, and professional supplies. Also, the app offers bulk-purchase discounts, flexible payments, and free shipping. No wonder this app is gaining popularity every day.

Notably, the Amazon Business app features account management where different users can team up and make a purchase. The app enables the users to get the organization’s approval and take advantage of the purchase limit.


Cybercrime has become a menace that targets business enterprises. This form of crime causes massive losses when an attack materializes. For this reason, business enterprises continually seek ways and means of protection from cybercrime. One of the effective ways of fighting this crime is using the Fortinet app.

The Fortinet app offers a solution to cybercrime. It provides a security system that governments and business enterprises use to safeguard their resources from cyber attackers.

This app started as a physical firewall provider. Afterward, it transformed into a security fabric that offers artificial intelligence (AI) broader cybercrime protection. Also, the app provides self-healing networks that facilitate the fast recovery of business processes and operations.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

This is another popular cybercrime protection solution. It provides endpoint threat detection, vulnerability management, antivirus protection, and threat hunting. This app is a favorite of several Fortune 100 companies. It is one of the most effective cybercrime prevention solutions that the market has to offer.


Every business enterprise has to assess its employee performance. This move facilitates optimal productivity and the reduction of waste. One best way to manage employee performance is using the Lattice app. This app can track reviews, goals, praise, feedback, and other employee key performance indices.

This app enables business enterprises to keep their employees engaged for optimal performance and productivity. Also, the app helps the management team identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. In return, the management can offer employee support whenever a need arises.

Lattice also helps the HR department to assess their employee analytics. In return, HR can identify the employees’ need for training and career development.


Global data management needs continue to increase every day. For this reason, business enterprises are turning to cloud-based data management solutions, such as the Snowflake app. This app facilitates data storage and engineering for different applications. In return, enterprises that use this app manage to simplify their workflow and secure their data.

The Snowflake app does not require maintenance. It can accommodate unlimited scale and performance. So, its users do not have to routinely assess its performance in a quest to measure its compatibility with data from additional business processes. However, its pricing depends on the volume of data a business enterprise manages.

The Bottom Line

If we are to list the fastest-growing enterprise apps, the list can be endless. However, the important thing is to know the reasons behind their growth. If you understand what makes the apps grow, you can manage to remodel your app to make it appear in the list of the fastest-growing apps.