Drivers of Formula 1 Wanted to Infect Themselves on Coronavirus on Purpose?

The “Red Bull” Formula 1 team thought about infecting their drivers with Coronavirus. They wanted to make them immune to this virus so that the seasons would last eve during the global pandemic. Thankfully, this idea was dropped down pretty quickly.

The chief of the team Helmut Marko stated that only a small circle of people knew about this talk and that they weren’t positive on this topic. He suspects that he was already in contact with this dangerous virus. He said that he had the heavy flu with Coronavirus symptoms in February.

However, he admitted that they talked about making a corona camp where they would infect their drivers with a virus on purpose. Furthermore, he said that they would spend time together in this camp with the drivers. Also, he stated that these drivers are young and strong young people and that they wouldn’t be in so much danger as older people. Thankfully, we can say that this didn’t occur.