Dog Bites: Why You Should Get an Attorney for Your Injured Child


A dog bite is a traumatic ordeal for any adult, and even more so for children. Unfortunately, dog bite claims are one of the most common claims made for children under 12 in the US. The injuries caused by a dog attack can be long-lasting and may even require surgery. If your child has been the victim of a dog bite, then there are many reasons why you should consider an attorney.

Your Child Deserves Fair Compensation

Many insurance companies will offer you only a fraction of what you are entitled to if you claim without representation. Since the physical and emotional effects can stay with your child for a lifetime, you want to make sure that they get everything they are entitled to. There are many costs to take into account. These include that of medical care, potential surgery, emotional trauma, and therapy among others.


Insurance Companies Can Be Intimidating

When it comes to children and dogs, some insurance companies will try to place a portion of the blame on the child. They may suggest that the child provoked the dog or that they should not have been able to get near the dog in the first place. There should be no circumstances where a child is to blame for an attack, a well-trained dog should not bite.

A Lawyer Can Make the Process Much Easier on Your Child

Using an attorney to work on your family’s behalf can make the process much less stressful for your child. Not only are they going to provide the best chance at fair compensation, but the case will be handled in a sensitive manner throughout. The best Boston dog bite law firm will be discreet and skillful in their negotiations.


Dog Bite Cases Can Be Complicated

Not only could you be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings while you were caring for your injured child, but the claim itself could be more complicated than you think.

Using an attorney for your claim means that special circumstances are accounted for. Claims can be different depending on whether the dog owner lives in a rented property, if they have the correct signage outside their property, or if the dog is on a banned list. Maybe the owner was not acting responsibly which resulted in the attack. All these factors make it imperative that you seek the advice of an expert attorney to handle child’s claim.

You Can Focus on What Is Important –Your Child

If you choose not to hire a law firm to represent your child, you may end up spending hours researching how best to take your claim forward. This is time intensive, not to mention stressful if you don’t know the law. Using a dog bite law firm can alleviate the stress of this process and give you the chance to care for your child.

The trauma your child endures should mean that they are represented in a way that is going to get them the maximum level of compensation. Using a dog bite attorney gives them the best chance of this happening.