What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Photographer?


It is not a cliché, but a fact, to say that your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. This is definitely not the time to take up a friend’s offer to be your official photographer. The earlier in the planning process that you decide on a professional wedding photographer, the easier it will be to sit back and relax knowing you will be getting the portfolio of your dreams. Afterwards, you may want to create photo books of your most cherished event with your better half. Creating photo books has now been made easy with the help of online tools like

Even in a big city, there is only a small handful of professional photographers whose availability fill up very quickly. When you have made your choice, remember to pencil in the dates for the engagement photos and any additional portrait sessions that may be needed as well. This is especially important if you are choosing to have your big day during the peak wedding season.

What Style of Wedding Photographs are You Looking For?

Choosing a theme for your wedding should span to what type of photographs will best complement it. It is not a good idea to have a strictly formal occasion planned out and then hire a wedding photographer who only does laid-back and casual. Making sure that the professional you choose for your wedding day can capture the joyous and loving event in the style that you want is an important step to preparing for your perfect day.


Another thing to check when you are in the process of selecting a wedding photographer is to ensure that they are able to shoot in low light or natural light, whichever your venue will have. There have been some horror stories of couples whose big day started out on the beach in the afternoon sunlight and moved to a low light night time pavilion, only to have the reception pics be too dark.

Photographers love natural light, but sometimes shooting with blazing lights on can ruin the atmosphere. Make sure that the professional that you choose can adapt to any lighting condition your venue may throw at them. According to Gracie Moon Scents, candles can also act as a great source of lighting for taking some wonderful photos.

Meet or Skype with Your Photographer Before Making a Booking

Nothing is more valuable to a couple searching for a photographer for their wedding day than to have a chat with their potential choices before making a booking. Don’t worry about this being an inconvenience—the studio will want to have a meeting with you both too. This is your chance to get a vibe for the person who will be taking your pics and discuss any ideas either party has for the most memorable images.

All three of you must have a confident and positive connection. You can discuss what your expectations are as well as any contingency plans in case of unforeseen disaster (electricity power cuts or illness has been known to happen at the most perfectly planned wedding). Knowing this information in advance about each other will ensure that you are the perfect match for stunning photos and wonderful mementos.