Cardi B Came Back from the ER and Said that she’s Feeling Better

Cardi B is currently recovering after going to the ER for severe stomach pains. She adds that she’d been suffering for days.

The famous rapper revealed on Wednesday night that after experiencing “some real bad stomach problems for four days,” she decided to go to the ER. When you think about it, that is not a small decision to make since the coronavirus pandemic is raging.

She added a picture of her hospital bracelet, which shows her age and date of service.

Cardi said that the ER trip was helpful and that she feels better now. The rapper hopes to be pain-free soon.

However, she deleted the tweet shortly after posting it.

The good news is that Cardi already continued posting funny things on social media, such as a Donald Duck meme about going back to sleep instead of waking up and cooking. Cardi captioned it: “Mood right f***in now.”

Of course, since she went to the hospital, people wonder if she has coronavirus, but so far, there is no proof of that.