Best Things to Do at Yellowstone National Park

When it comes to becoming one with nature, very few places in the United States are able to provide a high-level experience the way Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming can. The canyons and mountains reach amazing heights, and the wildlife is unparalleled, no matter where you’re traveling from.

If you have a vacation planned for the spring or summer, you’ll be able to get plenty of exercise and take amazing photos to show off to everyone back at home. Here are the best things to do if you want to spend your next break at Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful


One of Yellowstone’s most famous attractions is the geyser Old Faithful. The eruptions of water that come from this geyser can reach up to 130 feet in the air. If you want to get a different view from the tourist spots close to the ground level, you can hike up Observation Point for a view of the upper part of the basin.

Before you go, we recommend stopping by one of the many AT&T stores in Wyoming so that your camera has the updates needed to take photos of the eruptions at just the right time. Videos in slow motion can really show how amazing this geyser is too, so be sure your smartphone has the features it needs to capture it all!

Grand Prismatic Spring


Grand Prismatic Spring is the biggest hot spring in the country, and its popularity comes from the rainbow waters that exist at all ends of the pool. The best time to visit this spot is in the late morning, as this area is mostly covered by fog in the early part of the day. The best time of the year to stop by is between April and November and it is open 24 hours.

Hayden Valley


Being able to gaze at unique forms of wildlife as they go about their day is another amazing Yellowstone experience. One of the places that makes this experience easy is Hayden Valley, which is a common resting and eating spot for bison, elk, fox, wolves, and bears.

Park guides are available if you want to learn more about the wildlife. The guides can also give you tips on how to stay safe during animal spotting. It’s also best to bring binoculars so that you can get great views of large carnivores from a safe distance.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


If you want to save some of your time at Yellowstone for hiking and gazing at amazing formations, then the park’s Grand Canyon is where you need to go. Among the best attractions to take photos of during your hiking is Artist’s Point, which provides a beautiful overlook of the Lower Falls. The pink and yellow canyon walls are a must for your photo collection. A visitor center is located in the middle of the canyon in case you want to get tips on the best hiking trails and learn about how the canyon formed over time.

Yellowstone Lake


Lakes are not only great spots for boaters; they provide a chance to obtain peace and quiet while enjoying pleasant views. In this park, Yellowstone Lake fits the bill, as it is the biggest body of water in the park and the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet in North America.

Visitors are treated with a variety of species of fish to try to catch while they enjoy lunch on the water. You may be lucky enough to spot bison, foxes, eagles, and other animals stopping by for a drink or catch. Driving around the lake is a smart way to get some panoramic views as well.

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center


As much as you may want to experience the deeper parts of Yellowstone, it helps to learn about the area and the creatures that call it home in a way that also makes you feel safe. That’s where Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center comes in. This spot allows you to check out bears and wolves without having to worry about keeping your distance for safety. There are programs for kids and adults so that the whole family can have a blast being educated on wildlife. Naturalists and animal keepers interact with bears and wolves so that visitors get to witness professionals interact with these creatures on a different level.

Yellowstone provides a ton of things to do, so when planning your next vacation make sure to check out each of these exciting opportunities to get the best experience.