Best Gift Ideas for Him in 2021

If you have ever chosen a gift for your dad, brother, or boyfriend, you know how troublesome it can be. Another book written by their favorite author, CD of their loved band or the next pair of pizza pattern socks, may become a little bit predictable and tawdry. So how can you surprise your partner or another man from your family? First of all, you should consider his personality and hobbies. It’s always good to buy something unconventional, yet suitable for his interests, even if you don’t like it. It’s a present for him, so the only satisfied person should be HIM. To find out what he currently needs or wants, you can always conduct a gentle investigation beforehand. But do it the way he won’t suspect anything. Otherwise, your whole plan will go off half-cocked. Meeting his expectations isn’t so tricky if you are as thick as thieves. Just think of what he would be happy with, and you’ll find a perfect gift for your golfer, risk-taker, or traveler.


The first proposition of the gift is universal and should fit every man. It’s a smartwatch. But before making a purchase, make sure he doesn’t have one. Now, they are quite popular counterparts of traditional watches worn by many people. A smartwatch is a cool gadget every man would like to have in their possession. Not only does it showtime, but it also has many more functions, which control your heart rate, calorie burn, or sleep. Besides, it’s waterproof, so you can wear it anytime, even going to the swimming pool.

Set of Golf Clubs

If your partner is, instead, a passionate golf fan, he’ll be more than happy receiving a new set of golf clubs. To select a set that best suits his game and skills, you can take advantage of ping color code chart on The Golf Shop Online, which will help you find the best clubs for your man. Once you choose them, you can also pick one symbolic golf ball to show him your love and support. You probably want him to play as well as possible. So, don’t buy him trash. Do detailed research and choose the equipment, thanks to which he’ll become a champion on the golf course.

Virtual Reality Headset

For real gadgeteers, a perfect idea is a virtual reality headset. It’s believed that every man is a big boy, so they’ll fall in love with such a gizmo at first sight. It looks like large goggles that transfer him from reality to an alternative universe. Through the compatibility of the device with various apps and streaming services, he’ll be able to immediately immerse himself in the virtual world of his favorite videos, shows, or sports teams.

Personalized Men’s Wallet

However, if your man is a more mature grown adult, you can design for him an elegant wallet with customized writing on it. Also, it can be great fun for you to choose a color, pattern, and print. Be creative and choose something unique.

Indoor Skydiving Lesson

Or maybe he is the type of a risk-taker? Don’t worry- there’s also something for such a guy. Parachuting is an excellent idea as long as it’s summer and good weather. In other circumstances, your loved one won’t be able to parachute. That’s why there’s another, better option- an indoor skydiving lesson. Thanks to that, he’ll experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping from a plane. And that’s a fantastic opportunity to do a crazy thing together. Have you ever dreamed about flying? Now- it’s more than possible!

Original Whisky Tumbler and Record Coasters

What about alcohol? Every man enjoys drinking a glass of whiskey now and then. But giving him his favorite alcoholic beverage isn’t in good taste, mainly when he receives such gifts in plenty from his fellow workers. But choosing an original whiskey tumbler, for example, with a world map and upcycled record coasters will make every music fan be on cloud nine. This choice will, additionally, show him your respect for his taste in drinks and music.

Travel Backpack

Do you both love hiking and travel adventures? Can’t you wait for your next trip to the mountains? Then, your man will probably need a new travel backpack. It’s a practical gift, but most men, as a rule, are simple and like useful things. He’ll be able to pack all the necessities there, like a map, camera, binoculars, or even a compass. And you’ll benefit from that as well. How? You could put your lunch box with tasty sandwiches prepared for your day trip.

Do you feel more informed now about what kinds of gifts you should choose for your man? You can either follow these creative tips or stick to your gut feeling and choose something even more original and unique. No matter what you buy, it’s the thought that counts.