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Best Foods for Kids to Grow Taller – Height Growth Info

We all want the best for our kids, right?

Part of wanting the best for our kids is ensuring that they’re healthy. And who wouldn’t want their child to be tall, too? As it so happens, many of the same foods that are considered healthy and important for overall growth are also foods that help foster an environment for growth.

The majority of growth happens during puberty, of course, but the groundwork for that growth is laid when kids are even younger, which we’ll talk about in this article and on The Health Review.

You’ll notice on this list that several ingredients and nutrients are the same among several items, which should help you select foods and supplements outside of this list with which to add to your kids’ diets.

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Milk is an obvious choice here, as calcium is well-known for strengthening bones and promoting growth. Your kids can get their calcium in a variety of ways, but milk is probably the easiest way to get it to them. Plus, there are proteins in the milk, which play a big part in encouraging the body to maintain strength and to keep growing.

Eggs are an example of a food with significant protein levels that can help quite a bit in terms of overall growth.

While you’re busy making eggs (scrambled, in an omelet … so many options!), consider giving them some oatmeal along with them for breakfast. Oatmeal is another food that is high in protein and is typically low in fat.

Oh, and speaking of omelets, consider adding in some spinach. Spinach is considered a super-vegetable, meaning that includes both iron and calcium – both essential nutrients to help them grow tall and strong.

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At either breakfast or lunch, consider whole grains (perhaps whole grain bread or certain cereals), as they are rich in vitamin B and iron. And don’t forget a side of yogurt, which not only includes calcium but also has vitamin D, which helps your bones utilize the calcium that you consume more effectively and efficiently.

Another great choice for a side item at lunch is fresh fruit. Fruit like mango, cantaloupe, and peaches all have plenty of vitamin A and will contribute to adding inches to your child’s height.

Come dinner, consider an entrée that includes chicken. Everyone knows how healthy (grilled or baked) chicken is, and it has plenty of protein. Along with the chicken, include soybeans, which also are packed with protein. Or, carrots, which are rich in vitamin A that helps your body with the synthesis of proteins. Raw carrots are your best bet, whether in salads, in fresh carrot juice, or just plain.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what foods you end up serving your kids, it’s key that they include as many of the above nutrients: calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins A, B, and D.

There’s nothing more important that you’ll do than invest in your kids, and there are plenty of opportunities to add incredibly healthy foods and beverages to their diet. You can help make sure that they reach their maximum height, and the above list of foods is a great place to start.

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