The Truth About Detoxification That You Need To Know

Most us may not be at the pinnacle of great health and may be facing the risk of catching illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, mental health disorders, and obesity-related complications because of so much of toxins that we consume and have consumed thus far.

The food that is labelled healthy may be full of toxins and thus are making us even sicker by increasing the chances of us developing a serious health-related complication. And, as it has been already mentioned, we do ingest toxins from other sources without even knowing. Let’s now go through how we actually do ingest toxins daily. Below are the various means through how we consume toxins:

  • Handling various plastics which includes food packaging – These materials contain BPA, which is short for Bisphenol A which has been around for over 100 years.
  • Mercury exposure – This substance is toxic, and it is produced from coal and waste that has been burned. And, mercury ends up being consumed by fish which we end up consuming.
  • Household plastics, hair products, toiletries, and many cleaners – You already know that many plastics contain harmful BPAs, but they also contain another harmful toxin which is known as phthalates. This toxin makes people sick as well.
  • Consumption of trans fats and refined sugar – You probably know that trans fats and refined sugar are not good for anyone, and it is found in all processed foods such as pastries, candies, potato chips, and fast food.
  • Exposure to fluoride – Yes, this substance that is in your toothpaste that is meant to help preserve your teeth is toxic as well. Not to mention, your dentist uses fluoride for cleaning as well! Oh, and it’s in your drinking water as well!

And now, you are probably wondering:

How is it possible to not get sick since you are exposed to pretty much all those toxins all the time? Especially given the fact that you cannot avoid your exposure to toxins completely either no matter how green you try to go.

Here’s the deal:

You can preserve your health! And you can minimize the effects that these toxins have on you so you can stay healthy and lower your risk of developing any kind of serious illness as a result. But the only way this can happen is to start using Teami Blends to detoxify your body!


Why Should You Cleanse and Detoxify Daily?


Before we get into that, you already know that these toxins you are exposed to daily are harmful, but what you need to know is how they do impact you. The ways that these toxins can harm you are indicated by:

  • Hormonal, immune, and endocrine disorders – Substances that contain BPA’s and phthalates can have a negative impact on your hormonal levels, and can cause infertility, as well as thyroid problems, and can hurt your pancreas. These toxins alone can increase your chances of developing insulin resistance or diabetes.
  • Neurological and mental health disorders – Unfortunately, many times neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD can be genetic, but these toxins are also responsible for these issues as well especially when it comes to mercury exposure, which can also have a negative impact on your overall mental health and can increase your chances of developing depression and other mental illnesses. The same results from the impact of fluoride.
  • Cause obesity, autoimmune disorders, and cancer – Consuming a lot of refined sugar and trans fats do hurt your metabolism and pancreas as well by increasing the chances you are developing insulin resistance and diabetes. However, the other toxins as discussed such as BPA’s and phthalates play a role in that as well. These toxins also wreak havoc with your immune system so the chances of you developing autoimmune disorders and cancer, as a result, are higher too.
  • Poor sleeping patterns – These toxins, especially fluoride can reduce melatonin production which causes insomnia. And, if you get less than 6 hours of good-quality sleep per night, that in itself is increasing the risk of you developing diabetes, migraines, having a sluggish metabolism, and cancer as well.
  • Low energy levels and fatigue – You may think you are exhausted from not sleeping well which you already know is caused by toxins building up in your system. However, aside from that, these toxins also are responsible for causing you to be very fatigued because your body is very tired from trying to process these toxins which are harmful.

And it gets worse:

Allowing these toxins to keep building up will not only reduce your lifespan drastically, but it will reduce your quality of life! And, I don’t know about you, but I am sure that most people, especially parents want to not only live a long time to see their kids grow up and possibly even enjoy future grandkids.

However, they want to spend quality time with them and have the energy to do so in order to enjoy their time with their families. Not to mention, these individuals would want their future grandkids to remember having fun times with them. And, if they are too sick or exhausted to do that, then that is what the memories of these kids will entail. Who would want that?
And, even if kids are not in the picture by choice, then chances are most people would want to enjoy having opportunities to travel, learn new things, and explore. They would want to do anything that poor health would not allow them to do!

This is why detoxing is essential to do in order to remove these harmful toxins from your body, so you can live the best life possible and increase your chances of being in excellent health for a long, long time!


You now know why detoxing is critical for your health, and you are probably wondering how you can properly detoxify your body! You will be happy to know it is actually quite easy to do! Let’s talk more about that now.


How Should You Detoxify Daily?

Now that you know it is essential to detox your body and why you need to do it, you are probably wondering how to do that. There are several ways, but the first highly recommended way is to drink detox tea.

  • Detox Tea – The extremely effective way to rid your body of toxins is to drink a completely natural and herbal detox tea. According to Dr Natura, not only do these herbs cleanse your body but they help improve your digestion, they clean your liver, and as a result, you start feeling great. Not to mention, this detox solution is easy to do, and the bonus is that you will lose weight as well. And you should be drinking this tea on a regular basis to keep cleansing your body of toxins that keep accumulating over time. You will also find yourself craving nutrient and vitamin-rich foods instead of sugary foods that are loaded or not loaded with trans fats.
  • Eat organic and fresh food only – You already know that an extremely powerful way to detox your body is to drink detox tea. However, you need to eat nutrient-rich organic food which you will start craving naturally once you detox your body anyway. This will help keep your body healthy and clean, and you will stop craving junk food that is high in sugar, trans fat and sodium because as you know that is full of toxins.


  • Massage using Kansa Wand – The Kansa wand helps detoxify your body by increasing circulation of blood and fluids and drawing out the acidity in the skin. It helps with lymphatic drainage that can help reduce inflammation, brighten your complexion and reduce fine wrinkles. Regular massage done using Kansa wand balances skin’s pH level, moisture and texture dryness. To get the best results, stroke Kansa wand in upward circular movements over the forehead, cheeks, temples and along the jawline.
  • Drink plenty of water – In order to keep your body clean, you must also drink plenty of h2O because that will only help you flush out the rest of your toxins from your body. And, you will be able to do so easily as long as you keep staying hydrated as that is essential to stay in good health anyway!
  • Get plenty of exercise – Exercising is important to stay healthy and to keep your body free of toxins as well. The reason for that is exercising allows you to sweat out all the toxins that have been building up in you. And, therefore while you are exercising, you crave water to help replenish you after sweating in order to keep you hydrated in the meantime.


  • Go to the spa, meditate, or take yoga – It is crucial that to help make the detoxification process successful that you find an opportunity to give yourself a healthy escape in order to help relieve stress. That is why getting a spa or massage treatments, taking a yoga class or learning meditation is important. Stress causes toxins to build up as well, as the stress hormone cortisol accumulates which also causes you to crave junk food, and you know what that does to your body.
  • Go green – Yes, you guessed it. Go have a green smoothie each morning or each evening. Make a smoothie that is composed of spinach or kale, as well as cucumbers, lettuce, apples, and carrots. They are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will only help you flush out all those toxins!
  • Try to fast – Fasting to release toxins is not essential but it is highly recommended. And this does not mean that you deny yourself food at all. For a day or two, you can eat all of the veggies and fruits you need to replace meals. This will give your digestive system a break and will help you release toxins even more. You will feel amazing after giving this a try!

Also, you can try Premier Formulas supplements for detoxification and feel better in your body.

Now that you know how to detoxify your body, you can easily do so in some ways that are the easiest for you. And, drinking the detox tea is highly recommended.

And, after learning about what kind of toxins actually do build up in your body, and that toxins build up in your body from sources that you would never think could be possible – you know that if you don’t detoxify your body, you will increase your risk of developing many diseases that are really quite preventable.


These diseases are preventable because you can easily detoxify your body by using any of the methods recommended here, especially drinking the detox tea. Not to mention, once you stop eating junk food and start replacing it with nutrient-rich, organic, and healthy foods, you will not only shed those pounds easier, but you will feel great. And, you cannot detoxify your body only once. You need to keep doing so because you are constantly exposed to toxins, even if you improved your eating habits drastically.

You must make detoxification a normal part of your routine. Get plenty of exercise each day, drink that detox tea as well as plenty of water, and eat healthy foods, and even go green! Once you get into a habit of ridding your body of toxins on a regular basis, you will only feel incredible and your doctor will be incredibly impressed as well!