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Beginners Guide to ExpressVPN (Short Review)

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service which provides a stable and feature-packed network with clients and documentation. The British Virgin Islands-based company Express VPN International Ltd. offers this service which can be used on a number of devices and operating systems. This service might seem expensive, but it’s only one of the few VPN services which encrypt users’ web traffic and masks the IP addresses. Here is a short review, as well as, a beginners guide to ExpressVNP.

Why and How to Buy ExpressVPN?

Express VPN International Ltd. is a British Virgin Islands-based company which doesn’t share the UK’s strict data retention laws. Hence, if you want to pay with anonymous payment options, you can purchase your subscription with bitcoin. The no-logging policy of the company has been put to the test in a court of law and no logs were found on the systems.

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If you are wondering how to buy ExpressVPN, you should simply visit What’s best about ExpressVPN is that using it doesn’t require any tech skills. Instead, you should simply sign up, install, and click On to connect. ExpressVPN is probably the most straightforward software you’ll ever encounter.

The Most Prominent Features and Usability of ExpressVPN

ExpressVNP can be used on a wide range of operating systems and works with any internet connection including wired, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. When used on Windows, it has a very simple interface. Hence, in order to use it, you should press on a cheery-looking button which will connect you to an optimized endpoint or the last selected one. Moreover, it features a diagnostics output and a speed test. The diagnostic output is an excellent feature for people who want to be aware of what is going on in the background as it lets you see your log files. Additionally, there is also an options menu from which you can enable an internet kill switch which stops the internet traffic when you lose VPN connection. You can also choose whether you want ExpressVPN to start and connect on Windows startup.

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With Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions, you can start the VPN directly from your browser, automatically connect to the last used location as soon as you open your browser, and prevent or block data leaks from the WebRTC protocol. Besides on Windows, ExpressVNP can be used on Linux, MacOS, mobile platforms, Kindle Fire and Fire TV. The instructions on how to use ExpressVPN are always available with routers and other appliances.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting another important feature of the ExpressVNP and that’s its price. ExpressVNP is probably one of the most expensive VPN services and it comes with an annual price of £76.42 (£6.37 per month) and a month-to-month subscription price of £9.93.

The Pros and The Cons of ExpressVPN In a Nutshell

So, in a nutshell, ExpressVPN offers a wide range of endpoint countries, excellent transfer speeds, and no-logging policy. However, it is quite pricey when compared to other VNPs and there is a possibility to be detected by Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.