Amazing Selling Machine: What You Need to Know

The Amazing Selling Machine has been marketed as the most comprehensive course for anyone looking to run a profitable venture with Amazon’s FBA. You may pore through the internet and find plenty of informative material, but not as much as that offered on the Amazing Selling Machine 11.The ASM course may have everything you need to know; techniques and methods that are being used by the bestsellers. Below is a description of the ASM course to help you decide whether or not you should fork out any hard-earned cash for it.

  • What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine is the brainchild of Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. Rich Henderson and Mike McClary do the teaching. The ASM11 was released in October 2019 and is the most current version. The ASM is a popular course whose full review will show more information about it. Click here to check out the full review.

ASM is a step-by-step program that will show you how to build a successful brand and how to sell on Amazon. You also get fantastic tips on how to sell your own branded products, thus allowing you to achieve financial success. The developers of the program felt that many people did not have the right information to grow a business. For many, it is trial and error without having the benefit of solid foundations. Many entrepreneurs also make the mistake of selling low-quality products and do not maximize the available marketing technology.

ASM is very popular if the numbers are anything to go by. More than 30,000 members have had the benefits of the training. Some big names such as Sir Richard Branson, Dave Asprey, and Robert Kiyosaki, among others, have also seen the advantages of the program.

  • What you will get from the ASM 11 course

The entire course has 8 different modules, with easy to digest lessons and about 30 hours of content. You will also have access to over 120 videos that will show you how to launch your FBA business from scratch, 8 weekly coaching calls hosted by Rich and Mike, where they answer any questions you may have. You also get the Amazon Branding Suite, an automated set of tools that makes building your brand easier. You will also learn more about Dan Ashburn’s successful brand launching strategies. As a bonus, ASM will take care of your private sourcing, where they will get you 3 suppliers and negotiate the minimum order quantity and price for you.

  • Who will benefit most from ASM11?

Sign up for ASM 11 if you are willing to dedicate two hours per week to watch all the videos and attend the live coaching calls. You also need to have some cash for inventory purchases in addition to the hefty course fees.

  • ASM 11 Prices

The current fee for ASM11 is $4997 for a one-time payment. You can opt for a 6-month plan, with 6 $997-payments. So far, no coupons or discounts exist, but you can access some special members-only deals for some of their services, such as ManageByStats. ASM also has some interesting guarantees that you may not find in any other online courses, for instance:

  •         A full 30-day guarantee. You can use this time to go through the first two modules, pick a product, and source it from a supplier. If you are convinced that FBA cannot work out, then you can request your money back.
  •         6-month buy-back promise: here, you get to try and implement the teachings for 6 months. If you do not wish to proceed, ASM will buy your business from you for the course’s cost plus $5000 worth of inventory.
  • What you will like about ASM

Judging from the success of the training, it has a lot of offer. Industry figures estimate that the course has been responsible for income generation of over $8.6 billion in Amazon FBA. You get to learn from people who understand the Amazon business because they have been in it. The developers spend a lot of time updating content, so you always have fresh material to look forward to. It helps you keep up with the latest news and information from Amazon.

The live coaching sessions and calls also set this training apart from what is available in the market. The October 2018 ASM 9 update gives you access to up to 40% fresh content, while the ASM 11 has over 60% new content.

The training is very comprehensive and will be beneficial to both novices and those who need a refresher. You also have access to community groups such as the FB group and the forum. It makes learning more fun when you get to share with other people who are in the process. You also get valuable feedback and tips that you can apply to your business. If you need a little motivation, you will find it with the badge system.

When you decide to dedicate time to the courses, they are manageable. You also have the option of supplementary PDFs, which will provide you with excellent reference material.
  • What you may not like

The main issue with ASM is pricing. It may be a bit prohibitive for some people.  It would be especially sad to spend all that money and not implement what you learn in your business. You also do not get access to topics that are critical for running a company such as taxation, email follow-ups, among others. A lot of the strategies and techniques apply to Amazon, but not outside of it.

Pace yourself so that the modules do not overwhelm you.


ASM 11 may be an excellent investment for you and your FBA business, as selling on Amazon is no easy feat. Moreover, ASM is popular for its community, where you can network with other entrepreneurs. It is essential to note that you need to dedicate the right amount of time and effort to realize its benefits. One thing for sure, the training is very popular, and many people have seen its benefits.