Kitchen Remodelling and Decorating Ideas 2020

When we talk about how to improve our kitchen, we almost always think only of the functional aspect. And, although it’s clearly the most important issue, we must also consider the design and style, since it’s one of the rooms we tend to spend so much time during the day. Many don’t know that kitchens should also be decorated, at least with one or two tiny details.

Whether you have a large enclosed kitchen or a small one – with a  couple of changes here and there, any space can look much better, even without having major costs. We don’t need to be overwhelmed and think that remodeling the cooking area is a matter that will affect our pockets. There are many accessible options at our disposal in stores, but on the other hand, if we wish, we can also make our own accessories and show our creativity. The fundamental thing when decorating your kitchen is not to be limited by the fear of spending – because that will allow us to enjoy the process more.

Here are some ideas to decorate it in an easy, simple but certainly beautiful way.

A little bit of paint (or color) fixes everything

If what you want is to completely change the look of your kitchen without spending too much, an excellent option is to paint – simple as that. Dare to paint your old white or grey furniture: a simple hand of paint can revive your cosy nook and completely change the atmosphere. You can put a couple of plants on the shelves, or some bowls with fresh orange, red or green fruits. Colours always serve to give a more entertaining look at any space and improve accessories that are already present, especially in a white-painted space.

If your cooking area is integrated into the living room and not very large, it’s better than the colours that feature both spaces are the same, just in order to gain visual amplitude. But if space is not a problem, you can be completely free to highlight it by using any colour you want, not only on the walls but also on the furniture. Dare, for example, with orange, red or green. You can also click here to hire some professionals to help you decide in case you’re not quite sure what’s the best option.

Leave some cute things insight

On the internet, you can find hundreds of photos of decorations with open shelves, where everything’s completely insight. Glasses, dishes, tiny cute figures, lovely coffee mugs or cups… Although it’s a cool idea, in general, it’s quite impractical, but you can easily resolve it by putting a couple of shelves in that part of the kitchen you never use.

You can also replace some of your furniture with open shelves and leave your cutest accessories there. That will make the kitchen look more spacious and brighter, but also more feminine, in case you’d like to achieve that effect. There are thousands of kitchen remodel pictures on Pinterest waiting for you to bump into them and use them as an inspiration!

Remember the lighting

Lighting is an easy renovation and always has a greater impact than expected. It’s time to dare: you can choose a lovely, unusually shaped lamp or any other kind of lighting that would go fine with the concept, as everything depends on your style. Lighting is always one of the most key elements of good decoration and you should definitely take advantage of it.

One more idea that could help you make this space brighter is creating some extra windows or a pass-through to let the light in. More luminosity means that your favourite space won’t look like a tiny cave anymore and it’s also a perfect way to give your cooking area a modern and spacious look.

Change handles

Due to constant use, handles on cupboards and kitchen drawers tend to lose colour and deteriorate. If you decide to change something, try changing them or colouring them. They aren’t expensive at all and you can find them in almost every craft shop you bump into, but the best part? You can personalize them, adorn them by your own wishes and make them unique. Try and see how elegant this room might look with brand-new drawers look.

Say hello to some herbs!

Making a mini garden in your cooking area means having a space in your kitchen that’ll never be boring or empty. It could be a space where you can keep some gorgeous herbs pots, spices or any other types of flowers or plants you prefer and plant some species that could help you in your culinary work.

In addition to the fact that it adds much value to space, this kind of decoration is unique, and it’ll fill your place with freshness and life. If you don’t have space at ground level or you’re eager to make a more creative version of it, create a vertical one – you’ll love it, just like everyone who steps into your little paradise.

Give stools a chance

The fact of removing barriers between the kitchen and living room makes kitchen furniture cease to have a markedly differential appearance. Stools around the countertop, hanging and visible shelves, utensils and spices as decorative elements… the idea is to create a cosy atmosphere inspired by gastronomic markets or taverns.

Stools are increasingly present in replacing chairs. And there are numerous styles – from wooden structures to contemporary quilted and leather-lined designs. In addition, they’re even becoming more comfortable. The wide-backed models allow you to keep your back straight and remain seated comfortably throughout a meal. In addition, most models can be adjusted in height, which facilitates the location in front of the bar or countertop.

Recycled materials

To recycle is to give life to the objects we thought were dead, and with that new life, they’re responsible for filling our spaces with beauty and practicality. And the best part is that they help us save and produce less garbage, so, having that in mind, don’t hesitate to give a new opportunity to empty jars and cans, glass bottles, and even some resistant packaging that might help you store your things and look sweet with a couple of changes.

Also, a modern and economical way to decorate is to use recycled materials and items such as pallets. It’s an element increasingly used in different environments and generates a lot of atmosphere warmth. In the case of the kitchen, you can use pallets to create a small multi-purpose shelf where you can place different utensils or maybe a handmade table.

Use your own style

A factor that must finally be considered and which is always of great importance when choosing the best furniture is the style preferences that each one of us has, which of course is completely unique for everyone.

Before you start changing anything, you should consider the type of design you want. Minimalist? Vintage? Rustic? This point is important because the style you choose should be consistent with your preferences and tastes. Remember that you’re the one who’ll spend the most time in this space.

As we previously stated, there’s a wide variety of accessible colours and shapes and you have all the freedom in the world. Therefore, there’s this possibility of combining absolutely everything in any of those separated styles – traditional with a cosy touch, contemporary with pure lines or classic flooded by the charm of natural materials. All these models have their own features, but that can be adapted to different factors – it’s all up to your inventiveness.

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