8 Best Parental Control Apps 2020

In the virtual world today everybody has a phone may it be an elder or a teenager. This is not a luxury but a need. However, for parents, it is a concern because the internet can give a child access to the thing they wouldn’t want to give.

Knowing what is going in the teenager’s phone without making them feel like their privacy is being breached is a challenge – yet necessary.

Here is why every parental figure wants to keep an eye on their young one.

  • The internet is full of vultures and it is really easy for a child to fall to be their prey. They can manipulate the youngster into thinking that the elder figures are bad and they don’t love them enough. The only one who loves them is him/her and the kid listening can give out information they shouldn’t. Hence keeping an eye on their activities on screen is necessary.
  • Bullying is an age-old phenomenon but with things gone virtual it has become more of a challenge then it was. Hence in case, your child is being bullied on any social sites you should know before it goes too far.
  • The children should not be seeing some things at the age they are in. This could lead to a negative effect on their mental health. Hence it is necessary to have those things blocked off from their phone.

These are only some of the dangers that have been implied because of the World Wide Web on the children. There are more than these.

This is where phone tracker app come into play and make both parties satisfied the one using and the one keeping an eye.

Here are a few recommended parental control apps.

1. FamiSafe


It is on the top of the list because of its amazing features. FamiSafe not only covers virtual safety but also has features for the real world.  Every guardian who has used this app is satisfied and even the teens don’t feel like they are being pried on.

2. Qustodio

This app makes a record of everything the youngster does on his phone. The best part of this is that the app is available on kindle which other apps might not be. The panic feature of the app helps connect both parties when in danger.

3. Bark

Tiktok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the social apps that the teen-agers access throughout the day multiple times. Now they wouldn’t have to wonder what they are doing as with this ap they can keep an on their social site activities.

4. OurPact

Are you afraid that with full access the youngster might be able to see things you wouldn’t want them too? Then OurPact is the perfect app for you. It will filter all content and ensure that the child doesn’t get to see or hear of anything you wouldn’t want them to.


Needing access to the internet is no more a lie or an excuse. Children genuinely need this to get their projects done – the days of the library are gone. Hence this app will help you ensure that they can only access the useful things meanwhile the inappropriate are blocked out.

6. WebWatcher

Giving the child access to a phone is not easy for any parent considering the risk they expose them to. However, with this app, they can track every single thing that happens on the phone from phone calls to GPS and internet activity to text messages. The app will care and inform you about everything.

7. NextDNS

If your child is at puberty you certainly don’t want those approaching porn websites and building fake fantasies or addiction to that. This app will help you block all content that is PG 13.

8. Ad Guard

One of the biggest problems that arose when people got access to the internet was that they were naïve got scammed a lot. Although these are laws against it some people still do it. The young one using the phone can easily fall into the trap believing in those pop-ups or ads. This app will help you block all those attempts of scamming and phishing.

These are some of the best apps and each one is best at what they do. As caretakers we want the best for the adolescents, at this age, they might fail to understand but they will soon and until then, you have to be a bit nosey.

These apps will help you accomplish your safety goal and keep them happy too with granted access to the World Wide Web.

The Morality of Parental Apps

In conclusion, we feel that it is important to take a look at the morality of parental apps and how do we use them. Many parents feel that it is both their right and their duty to track their children 24\7. As a result, they often overstep the boundaries and effectively start stalking their own children. First off, it is important to note that companies who make these apps are in it solely for money, and not for some altruistic need to help you or your children. As such, they are likely to sell all the tracking data they gathered from your children to the highest bidder. In fact, a vast majority of their profits come from selling data, not the app itself. That is why many of them are free to use. In essence, they are a version of a Trojan Horse. We have done their work for them by installing their app on our children’s phones. Granted, the data is anonymous, but that can be reversed, in case it falls into the wrong hands. The risk of this is significant.

In today’s world, we rarely go a week without hearing about some massive data leak that revealed the personal information of millions of people. The data these companies collect on our children are in danger of being leaked just like any other. Since most of them work by tracking location, this can put our children at risk. Anyone with access to the data can monitor their movement and extrapolate where they will be at any given time during the day.

Finally, we have an issue of trust. Installing a tracking app on your kid’s phone can send a message that you don’t trust them or their judgment. We can easily justify the action to ourselves by saying it is for safety reasons only, but chances are that your kid won’t see it that way. In fact, they are most likely to take offense. Their reaction is completely reasonable, as no one likes being tracked all the time. If they feel their privacy is being invaded, they will start losing their trust in their parents, which is far more important than any tracking info you may gather from these apps. The risk of losing the trust of your child and the diminished bond you have with them if probably greater than the risks that led you to install the app in the first place. Both can have severe long-term consequences on your child’s development and your relationship with them.

There are, however, instances when a parent must intervene. These are mostly health-related. If you suspect that your child is suicidal, it is vital to keep tabs on their movement. The same applies if they are involved in some violent or criminal activities. Fortunately, those cases are rare. It is important to keep in mind that these are mere exceptions, not the rule.