Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Maybe you didn’t know that something like this can happen, but it can. If you’ve noticed mushrooms growing in your bathroom, you don’t need to panic, but you do need to take some action. You shouldn’t ignore something like this because many things can go wrong if you don’t react. If you need to learn more about this topic and how to solve this problem, keep reading this article.

Why are mushrooms growing in bathrooms?


The most common reason for mushrooms to grow in bathrooms is the high moisture. Mushrooms love moist and dark places, so a bathroom is, in fact, an excellent place for them to grow. That still doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to have them in a place where everything should be clean and tidy.

Moisture and high humidity are normal in bathrooms because most of the time, there are no windows in them, and the ventilation is not perfect. And where’s there water there are moisture and humidity. But those things can lead to a bigger problem, mold, infections, etc.

You may still be asking your self, but how did mushrooms get to the bathroom. Mushrooms grow from fungal spores, and those spores are microscopic, and you can’t see them. There are numerous possibilities how they ended up in your bathroom, maybe you’ve carried them, some of your visitors, perhaps they were carried by wind and flown into your bathroom if you have a window, or you’ve brought them in with a plant.

You’re least problem is how they’ve ended there, and your more prominent problem is why they’ve become mushrooms. You should know that not every spore becomes a mushroom; they do need to have the right conditions to grow. And the right conditions for a mushroom are not the right conditions for you.

What are the risks?



The mushroom itself isn’t the biggest problem you have. The mushroom is just a sign that you may be having some other issues, and it’s good that they’ve grown because now you know.

Something that you need to take care of is the moisture, and if you don’t do it, you will probably next have black mold and mildew. It can cause many severe health problems, like chronic fatigue, chronic coughing, headache, eye irritation, asthma, and many more. It is the reason why you should get rid of it and solve this problem before it becomes dangerous.

How to solve the problem?


You need to remove all of the mushrooms that are growing around your bathroom, and you should always wear gloves when you do that. After you’ve done that, you need to disinfectant that area and do it thoroughly. It’s also good to use a fungicide, so you make sure that the mushrooms are not going to grow again. And after you’ve removed them and cleaned the area, you should check your ventilation or fix it if necessary. Proper ventilation will keep humidity on a low level and prevent future incidents.

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